By Bridget Nielsen

There are infinite ways to connect with your hybrid children! The best and fastest way to “make contact” is through your heart. Heart-to-heart communication will build your relationship with them in no time! 

1. Play with Them!

The hybrid children are kids, they love to play! In fact, they’re always urging us humans to play more! Use your full imagination in every way to connect and play with them. You can shop with them, color, play ball, cook, walk, paint and swim… They love it all. They’re learning emotions and love from us, and are fascinated by who we are. Some great ways to connect with the children is by drawing/painting pictures of them to represent their energy as a way for you to remember and bond. One of the BEST ways to connect with your children is in dreamtime, through lucid dreaming, and daydreaming.  Soon, you’ll begin consciously remembering your interactions. Remember, all in perfect timing.

You can also choose a specific symbol to represent a particular child. For example, Sharon’s symbol for Shay, her oldest daughter, is a pink rose. If you meditate on the symbol each night as you go to sleep, your connection will grow stronger day by day.If connecting in these ways is difficult for you or you want a bit more solidity to your relationship, I can draw your children with their energetic signature so you can meet them. We have other mother’s who can connect you with your children as well~ Click here

2. Behave As If.

Are you behaving as if you’re the parent of a hybrid? What do parents in our world do? Parents of human children talk about their kids with friends, they have pictures of their children, they talk to them, they play with them, and most of all they’re proud to say they have children! When you imagine something… it is real.  When you behave and take action as if it so, the reality where the hybrid children appear is created.  

As we build this network of new mothers and fathers, it’s fascinating to observe that people may know for a fact that they have hybrid children, but they’re scared to say it or want to remain anonymous. Privacy and boundaries are beautiful and necessary at times, but the declaration (in yourself) that you have hybrid children is a way of “voting for contact.” You’re acknowledging that you HAVE met your children (even if you don’t remember) and you’re also participating in welcoming Extraterrestrials. The hybrid children are very unconditional… I’ve spoken with hybrid mothers who didn’t want to admit they have hybrid children quite yet. I could hear their children waiting patiently, knowing their mother would soon remember. After a few weeks, the mothers acknowledged their children, and instantaneous cheers with excitement and love erupted from another dimension… They’re listening and loving you, even if you can’t see them. 

One of the ways we’ve created for you to cast your vote for the hybrids (parent or not) is by participating in “The Parents & Supporters” page. When you put your name and picture on the page, you’re declaring that you’re a mother or father (or simply a friend of the children coming), and you instantly contact your child and create a solid reality where they can land. Another benefit is that other people or nervous parents who come to the site can see that lots of other people and parents are in support, which gives them permission to believe and play!!  Please [click Contact link] if you’re interested in contributing your experiences.

3. Enjoy Your Life… Here on Earth!!

The children and the ETs have already landed, they’re already here. Since we can’t physically see them yet, it’s critical to stay in touch with the energies blocking us from seeing them. One of the top recommendations we constantly receive from the ETs is to enjoy our lives here on Earth and “follow our excitement.” To do this, we must stay present to our relationships, passions, jobs and the issues we’re currently facing. The way to do this is by following your excitement and by being and staying in a high vibratory state. When we focus too much of our energy out there, we “check out” and can’t be here in our lives now… We can’t notice the messages they’re sending us or we may miss the appointment we’ve made for them to appear in our physical reality. Paradoxically, we must focus on them to create that opportunity, and the best way to do this is to incorporate the children (and ETs) into our everyday lives. As we continue to jump back (another dimension) and forth (here and now), the realities will melt together and we’ll be standing side by side with our galactic family.