By Bridget Nielsen, ***Disclaimer: This information, Bridget, and The Hybrid Children Community is in no way affiliated with Bashar Communications.***

I returned from Bashar’s life-changing, week-long Cetacean Transformation workshop. The sea IMMERSION in the Sirius mothership, the extraordinary Cetaceans, Bashar’s meditations, and my soul family plunged me into the radiant crystalline essence of my soul. I discovered the buried treasure of my consciousness that touched me with a love greater than I could ever have conceived. I know this sounds intense. It truly was. 

Oh, the Cetaceans… Where do I begin? On the first day, during my very first swim, I was plopped in with more than 400 dolphins and a whale perceivable a short distance away. This parade welcoming our group’s arrival clearly signified the conscious awareness that they knew we were there and they were ready to play! In the beginning I was nervous being in a foreign water world with “alien” beings, but respectfully curious and excited all at the same time!  My immediate feeling as they made eye contact was that they could SEE me… I mean see straight to my soul… my essence… my true self. That was truly a breathtaking experience. 

Over the days of the workshop I was transfixed by the fractured light of the water. I could sense my flexibility to easily transport into other dimensional energies due to the fluidity of this waterworld. The heartbeat of the dolphins and whales pulsated on waves of frequency and light, suffusing every movement with ease and every message with love. 

As our group took in this energy, we began a cohesive integration to exist in harmony with one another, our human pod! This group was indescribably magical… Each person carried a unique flame of beauty, compassion, and ambassadorship. It was obvious we had all united in some other Now. The more we bonded in community as a group – giving and sharing wisdom, laughter, food, communication, and energy – the more we merged with our Cetacean family in the sea. 

On the last day my favorite moment culminated in dropping a sacred crystal into the sea as we grasped hands floating in our circular pod as ambassadors for humanity. At that moment we officially made contact with the Cetacean Nation. The heightened consciousness of this galactic diplomatic moment brought me to tears.  It was amazing to experience the expansion of love in meeting another part of me, my Cetatean family in the sea and connecting with my incarnations as a dolphin and whale.  We’re only ever making contact with Us… different parts of our oversoul, whether alien or humanoid in form.

As Bashar says, “Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it’s through the heart we recognize our spirits are one.”

With the high frequency of the group and my personal expansion, I realized my deep connection with Sirius. I had always associated myself with the Pleiadians and Arcturians, but I’d left myself out of a Sirius connection. A few days in, I was up all night downloading and drawing gifts from my Sirian incarnation. I’ll be posting these soon so anyone who resonates with them can use them!

New Sacred Symbol for “Communion” and “Unity”

At the end of this particular chapter of our journey with our human pod, we rose to the frequency of our Cetacean family – seeing each other’s soul selves, flowing together synchronistically, and telepathically communicating with our hearts beating as one. For me, the wonder of the sea and experiencing my Cetacean family truly crystallized my oneness with them, our family in the stars, my connection with Earth, and my bond with our fellow man, all simultaneously!! I feel that I am all of those beings in my oversoul, expressed through the unique tentacles of various incarnations. I feel it in my bones… I truly feel/ken the merging of all these realities as one overarching perspective.

So how the hell does this translate into my everyday life? Easy… If I can interdimensionally know/ken these ET and Sirius realities in my bones, how could I not bow to the beauty of a rose? The big awareness is truly appreciating every single thing in my reality as my creation and from there KNOWING that I can completely shift my perceivable world as far and as fast as I can embody it. I’m completely invested in being, expressing and taking action on the essence of my imagined world as fast as I can go, with no toe in the water of old beliefs. Paradoxically, the energy of Sirius through the Cetaceans taught me to flow smoothly… with ease and in perfect timing in complete, satisfied joy and fun!