Aimee Astarra Teyolia from Canada Hybrid MotherI am so grateful and honored to be a part of the hybrid children community. My own hybrid children have guided and supported me in inexplicably beautiful, loving and magical ways. They have helped me to uncover more and more of who I AM, and so gently. Through my exploration of my connection with them, I have learned so much about my own deep cycles, and the deep cycles of so many beings on Earth. It is one of my deepest excitements to continue to learn and grow with them, and connect with others who are a part of the Hybrid program. It is time for the quickening, and the unfoldment, the blossoming of the true beauty of our nature as Humans on this planet. Flowing with our connection with All That Is on this Earth. The Hybrids  are such a strong catalyst for us all to discover our uniqueness in that process, and our come-unity!

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