Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

“I study and create realities by establishing a frequency and then mathematically formulating the images, coding, symbols and language that are available to match it.  My essence matches the “awakened age” of Egypt and the vortex energy that exists in that place.  One of my incarnational themes is to merge Egypt’s “past” (which my frequency symbolizes) and your “present Egypt” by calculating the missing coding and infusing it with its natural energy to assist in the awakening of that place/reality in your time-space.

Symbols are the pathways to unlock new realities when the universal archetypal energies are understood by the experiencer.  Empowering the universal meaning of a symbol allows the natural frequency of it to pass through and be seen in all time-spaces simultaneously in a state of pure light and oneness… what you refer to as now.  When the meaning is diffused or defined in a way other than it’s core essence, the object/reality/symbol is duplicated with unrefined additions making compartmentalized realities.  My passion is cleaning up the compartmentalized realities of any given symbol or place and restoring them to their natural state.


My decision to display a crocodile and cat in my portrait is to show how how the natural meaning of these symbols are beginning to be properly translated corresponding with “ancient” Egypt. The crocodile represents primal energy and now you’re experiencing that frequency through your interactions with the reptilians.  The cat represents the energy of Sirius in “ancient” Egypt and in your day that inter-dimensional energy is similarly understood.


My energy and DNA is Sirian and connected with the civilization known as RA. I first made contact with you through the picture of Sirian symbols depicted by Bridget from the Cetaceans early in your year. I’ve been building contact with you for a long time and I’m pleased to now be connected. I love you and I’m honored to distantly interact with your reality until our realities merges into one we can share together.”