Basil is the forest (he’s that at one with it). He particularly likes the Black Forest, in your neck of the woods (Germany), and the redwoods in California. He loves frogs (note his frog friend in the picture), toads, crickets and the sounds of dusk… He loves the symphony of life and the vibration that radiates from the trees, plants, animals, rocks, wind, birds and water.

From him… I love drawing, sketching, and creating “cosmic books” similar to comic books about my frog friends, plants and trees. My essence is in the process, the in-between… the dawn and dusk in-between realities. I love the cycles of life and re-seeding, for it is all existence. I’m REALLY excited for you to know me. You already know me, but now you remember!!! I love you, Papa.


Basil’s Interests