As a hybrid mom and a medium, it’s one of my highest joys BRIDGE-ing people with their hybrid children and the frequency of our galactic roots… it is my passion, hence the creation of this site! This is a HUGE puzzle piece involved in humanity’s spiritual transformation and your part in it will “come to light” in perfect timing for you.

My Donation Offering ~ Making Contact Through This Site:

My gift to you, with Sharon’s much appreciated co-creation and the assistance from the other parents, contributors and helpers, is this website. The frequency I intended to transmit through the creation of this unique site is that of contact and connection. It’s purpose is to make you feel curious, wondrous, playful and loved to put you in a state, and the reality, where you re-member and awaken to more of you, your hybrid kids and the contact experiences you’ve already had!

One of the things I’ve found to be very relevant are people’s personal experiences.  If they’ve experienced it, there’s no one that can take away that knowingness… that emotion and that reality for someone!  I invite you to use this website to spark incredible experiences for yourself.  Meditate with it, explore the pictures, blogs, parents and whatever inspires you to receive the energy of the hybrids.  The site was designed by them, with me as a conduit, so this is your chance to go into their dreamworld, their fantasy land which is a real, physical reality. That’s what they’re teaching us!

At this time I work full time on the Hybrid Children Community as well as building the contact communities pro bono, so I don’t have the capacity to donate one on one sessions at the moment.  I’m available for the art session below and I’ll be co-leading “Connecting with Your Hybrid Children” tele-workshops as well (more info coming soon). Sharon is available for donation sessions which I highly recommend!  Donations to our community are deeply appreciated!

This is a Phone Session which is for those who would like to learn more about hybrid children and if they have them. We can dive into your experiences, dreams and how the understanding of galactic family is relevant to you. We can talk about your abduction experiences or other extraterrestrial contact.  I’ve created the information and tools you need to discover your hybrid and extraterrestrial connections ~ for free ~ through this website, our videos, & Facebook community group. If you’d like additional guidance through speaking with me, I’m open to assist. I live by synchronicity and rarely live by a schedule. The reason I charge for this phone dialog (or Skype) is because it takes extra energy to adjust my natural flow and plan appointments… to use a clock! 🙂

Please email me if you have any questions:

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 By Bridget Nielsen