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If you were to ask a random person on the street what an alien abduction looks like, they would probably make a joke about anal probes, and little grey men with big eyes. If they are slightly more knowledgeable, they might say that what people describe sounds like medical examinations or scientific research, and implants used to track us, as if we humans are their lab rats. But for those who have delved more deeply into the subject of abduction phenomena, a far greater and more fascinating story reveals itself.

At this point in time, over a half-century since the first abduction reports, one thing has become clear: Extra-terrestrials, primarily those known as Greys or Zeta, are combining themselves with us, genetically. They are creating a hybrid species, and this has become known as the Grey Hybridization Program. Numerous people from all walks of life have been taken back, through hypnosis, to incredibly similar experiences that had previously been hidden from them, in which they received checkups and examinations, had eggs or sperm removed, and later met children which were part human, part Grey, the product of their involuntary donation. As for the goal of this hybridization program, while there is always a wide array of speculation in subjects of the unknown or mysterious, the general consensus most are coming to is that the Greys have gotten themselves into a dire situation, and need our genes to help them survive and continue their evolution as a species.

However, there are many who feel that this is an effort at some sort of takeover, or that their intentions are malevolent. While there do seem to be negative greys, and different groups with different interests and agendas for the human race, most exploration through hypnosis, remote viewing, and other similar methods points to them primarily being not malicious, but simply unfeeling and unable to relate to human emotions and values. Human values like personal rights, freedom, and privacy simply don’t factor in to their way of thinking. Part of the reason they are combining themselves with humans, is to get their heart back, as well as their vitality, individuality, and connection to spirit. The resulting offspring then gain some of these qualities from their human parents, while also receiving collectivity and telepathic abilities, as their Zeta inheritance.

Grey Alien being holding his hand up with peace

It is my feeling that hybridization is the inevitable future, on the planetary level as well as the galactic level. It is certainly not something to be afraid of. In your mind, move beyond our little blue orb, for a moment, and look at things from a cosmic perspective. There are many suns, and many planets on which life develops. Assuming that the destiny of any intelligent species is to eventually travel into space and encounter beings from other worlds, and also to begin participating in their own evolution through genetic science, the logical progression of events is not difficult to see. Various species combine themselves with others, evolve separately, and then come together again to blend, achieving a genetic variety that would not otherwise be possible. To put this into perspective, imagine if the races of humans on planet earth never mixed with one another. This is counter-intuitive, it seems obvious that we would be destined to mix, and this is also the case for races from various planets. This process of evolving and hybridizing also provides a vehicle for experiential variety as different cultures, all embodiments of different archetypes, evolve separately, and either merge or clash. All or most species will likely merge with multiple others, along the course of their collective evolution.

Humans on earth are themselves a combination of contributions from several species that had developed in different star systems, but at one point had a common origin. So, actually, you could say that hybridization is not only the future, but is also the past as well. In fact, many believe that the reason the greys are able to hybridize with us, at all, is because we share a common ancestor. Creation is many things, and one of those is an incredible experiment in genetics, the creation of Life, a material vehicle for consciousness. All of Life is in truth One singular vehicle, for One singular consciousness. Like gardeners, there are those who create, tend to, and guide the evolution of this vehicle. It seems that at least some of the greys are such gardeners.

However, the goals of the gardeners are not always completely understood from our perspective. If these beings are watching over, why do they allow so much wars and destruction to happen? Why don’t they come talk to us, help us? Solve our problems?

Ideas like these arise from a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of Creation and Life, as well as the intentions of those who guide it. The purpose of the genetic machine of Life is not to be created “perfectly,” set into motion, and serve as a pristine happy place for consciousness to just hang out in. I believe paradises like that have been created and do exist, but they are not very interesting for very long. What is far more appealing to a Creative mind is variety, contrast, and exploration. Earlier, more paradisaical experiments in Creation, while enjoyable, were not very efficient at producing the primary goal of creating life in the first place: Evolution. For that, a veil was needed, to create an artificial separation between our body-mind and our fuller consciousness, spirit, and soul memory.

Alien Abduction Being in glowing light

And as the experiment with the veil was introduced, it’s results spread to different star systems, and clashed with each other, and possibly other species. The variety that is necessary to increase the rate of evolution was achieved, and so this should be seen as a success. However, we ourselves do not tend to view it as such, as we are in the thick of it, within the veil and subject to it’s illusions. And that is as it should be, as that was the purpose for which we took the veil upon ourselves.

But just as the conflict and polarity was necessary, so also is the resolution and rejoining of the various branches of our cosmic family. We are at a point that is within the crux of the process of reintegrating what has been separated, and the grey hybridization program is directly representative of this. Humanity itself is a fountain of genetic variety, and this is probably part of why our genes are considered so desirable by the greys, and others. As the Creation experiment continues, I believe humanity will combine with a variety of other species, and will eventually live among the stars, and perhaps become co-creative tenders of the garden ourselves.

And who knows, perhaps the collectivist nature of the greys is needed for our further development, as well. It is, after all, radical individualism and greed that is the primary destroyer of our world. If you think about it, we are not so unlike the greys. We say thatthey are in trouble, but in truth, we are in just as much trouble ourselves, but exactly the opposite kind of trouble, and that is why we and the greys are rendezvousing our timelines at this nexus point: we both represent the polarized version of what the other race needs. We are perfect mirrors, reflecting each other’s opposites. It is natural that we might feel some fear, as we face something so alien to us, but we cannot hold on to this fear forever.

I believe the time is swiftly coming when we as a race are going to have to acknowledge the presence and involvement of this species with our own. It would serve us well to have a broader and more informed perspective of the situation, as this will eliminate unnecessary fear and resistance. If we open to what’s possible and accept our role in the galactic story, what once seemed frightening to us, may in fact save us.