By: Kanoemaileokalani Wheeler

It was the morning after a day of playing marbles with three Loved Ones (an activity recommended by Bashar during a private session that we all attended).  I had never thought about whether or not I had hybrid kids.  It wasn’t that important to me and I trusted, as Bashar says, that when I need to know something, I’ll know it and until then, I continue to live my life engaged in activities that call to my heart.

I was emailing one of my friends I played marbles with, sharing with her what a lovely time I had playing marbles. I also shared that I was about to leave my house and go for a run.  As I was typing this, what came through my fingers next was completely unexpected… “going for a run and asking my hybrid kids to come along.”

????WHA???!!!  HELL-ER?!!! 

And then I laughed and that was that.  And, interestingly, just as quickly as I wrote those words and was surprised by it, I actually forgot about it! I began my run and was not motivated.  I did not want to run but I was training for a half marathon. I was tired and feeling lazy and I didn’t want to – or didn’t think I could – finish my run (ha ha ha! I hadn’t even run a mile yet) and then “they” came into my awareness.

I said, “Kids, are you here?”  And there they were, INSTANTLY . . . one running facing me running backwards (telempathically I asked, “How many of you are there?” Immediate answer:  “5”), two more pushing me from behind, their little hands on my butt and one on each side of me… giggling, encouraging, “Come on, Mom,” jumping over my head, laughing.  I put my arms down to hold their hands as we all ran.  They continued to encourage me and we LAUGHED!

I asked them their names.  The first four came forward pretty quickly, all in Hawaiian, of course. Their personalities were so evident and distinct, each one of them:

1.  Koa:  A boy.  He’s a leader, fighter of self-empowerment, one I can depend on.

2.  Ikaika:  A boy.  So much like his brother Koa.  They get along well.  He’s athletic, a coach, and courageous.

3.  Kainalu: A boy.  Not as intense of a personality as his brothers. He’s athletic, surfs, is connected to the sea, more laid back and fluid.

4.  Puamelia: A girl.  She’s SOOOO sweet. I feel her always with her head on my heart, curled up on my chest.  She likes to stay close.

5.  Kamalani:  The last child’s name took awhile for me to receive.  I knew she was a girl and while she was sharing with me what her name is, it took about a day to register and when it did, it all made sense to me.

All the time I was running, I could feel their excitable energy all around me – pushing me, pulling me, running with me, ahead of me, behind me, jumping over my head, skipping.  They were SOOOOO joyous and they cheered, “She’s remembering us!  She’s remembering us!!!”  

My kids are SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and loving and fun and compassionate and kind and conscious.  I love having them around. They are with me often and are at times very pa’a… love to be physically close – on my lap, on my head or squeezed up next to me… I love their energy.