By Bridget Nielsen

The day I finished the site was one of the most non-linear, whimsical days of my life… Here it goes.  It started when I went to my room for an afternoon rest. I closed my eyes and felt this sweet pink energy wash over my heart. It was the essence of a little girl and I could feel that she was a hybrid daughter I hadn’t met yet. She showed me through my clairvoyance an image of a flower opening with new life… Blossoming and springing forth! She was full of excitement and joy as she connected with me for the first time. I usually see the image of my kids, but nothing came. A few hours later the name “Daffodil” came to me, when I looked up the flower it was exactly what she had shown me! I took this glowing new energy as I went on with my day.

In the evening I went for a jog in the local neighborhoods surrounded by giant Sedona red rocks on all sides. I said to myself, “I want to have a Kanoe jogging experience (click here to read more)!” I jogged happily and then walked gazing at the large rocks and the clear blue Arizona skies. Then I saw something shiny and silver just to the side of the big mountain by my house. I watched it move in a diagonal fashion and could see the sun reflecting on the metal. I immediately labeled it a plane, but I decided to watch it… I was in Sedona after all, the land of spaceships. It went slowly away from the mountain, though I could still clearly see it from a distance and BOOM it disappeared! Then, I had a sparkling dizziness come over me, like I’d felt at the top of Haleakala crater after a contact meditation. I stood there amazed, “Shit, that was a spaceship.”  It felt like the Greys when I tuned into the energy. But aren’t the Greys gone?


Picture of the red rock mountain where I saw the craft!

The shape of the craft wasn’t a disk, but close. I couldn’t make it out super clearly because it was at a distance. I went inside and sat with what had happened. My head was on fire and I continued with my evening making dinner. About an hour after, my ovary started throbbing with pain. I didn’t even know where my ovary was until I looked it up! This had never happened to me before and then the thought came to me… my eggs!

I brainstormed… Was I abducted when I saw the ship outside? Did they take my eggs? Did seeing the ship activate the cell memory of a “past” experience? Was I just impregnated and did they take out a fetus? I’d been feeling that unusual pregnancy feeling for the past few days… Was the hybrid spirit that came to me a new daughter that they had just created? Was she even physical yet?

All of these questions raced through my mind. The mind and linear rational is where I got tripped up. My dad reassured me, “It’s all happening now!  This is a very non-linear situation. There is a reality where your daughter was just conceived and a reality where she already died. You may have been taken this evening or 10 years ago… what’s the difference? All that matters is that you’re moving yourself to a very slippery reality where there is no time and space!”

That was it… If the Greys did come that day and jumped to our “future” timeline to take my eggs or if was a memory from years ago… The details don’t really matter. What’s relevant is that I’m shifting to the reality where I’m consciously aware of spacecraft in my physical waking life, physically feeling the effects of my eggs being taken and I’m aware and making contact with my hybrid daughter. Everything is now and I’m experiencing that concept. It’s very cool!!!

Also, I understand that all of this is happening inside my consciousness. I created all of it. People always ask me if I want to have human kids some day and my answer is always yes. I’ve always been excited and curious about the creation process. As a medium I’d like to connect with the spirit before he/she incarnates and go through the full physicalization process with the being… I just need a conscious loving male, the proper timing, and a community to assist in the tribal raising of the child to act out this creation dream. Well, in this situation today I just did that. I realize that I co-created the spirit to physical with my Grey counterpart… It’s amazing and empowering when I acknowledge this seemingly non-linear experience as my own doing.

I had a beautiful call with fellow hybrid mom Laura and she felt the flower blooming was Daffodil being born… In Canada where Laura’s from, Daffodils symbolize the first sign of Spring. Beautiful and synchronistic.

As I write my ovary hurts and it feels like I just had surgery. Well, at least there’s no hospital bill and I receive a blossoming daughter out of it 😉

My dad sent me this video the morning after that I hadn’t seen before. And boom, it’s the exact shape of the spacecraft I saw.