I am so excited about meeting my hybrid children. I had a very close encounter with some ETs in my bed one night, and ever since then I’ve been fascinated by their roles and participation in our world. Shortly after that experience, I began studying Bashar’s work, as well as the work of Wendy Kennedy, Nora Herold, Shaun Swanson, Lyssa Royal, Barbara Marciniak, Rob Gauthier…the list goes on. I have had the fact that I am a hybrid parent confirmed by Nora’s Pleiadians and Bashar.

I became a channel about 8 months after my ET encounter. I have channeled many different ETs myself. And as I continue to develop as a channel, I make more and more of these psychic and energetic connections. Meeting my kids in the flesh, however, wow! That is going to be quite a heart-opening experience.

Not-so-coincidentally, I was also a sperm donor back in the 1990’s. So there are human children walking this planet that I am also looking forward to meeting in person.

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