Channeled by Bridget Nielsen for Milou from Belgium

Conversation with your Counterpart:

Bridget: “What civilization are you apart of?”

Diplomat: “The 2nd hybrid race”

Bridget: “What is your role/essence”

Diplomat: “Diplomat for the 2nd hybrid race and high council member for the Galactic Federation.”

Bridget: “What would you like me to share with her?”

Diplomat: “Tell her she is powerful…”

Hybrid Race Diplomat dressed in Blue

(To Milou) “I will teach you. Sit with me with. Gaze upon my picture with hands positioned like mine.  I will guide you to a crystal.

You know me well. You will begin to remember, for I have been with you many times since childhood.  You are in training with me for diplomacy on Earth and that is a very special gift. Earth is awakening and its role effects more in Creation than you can comprehend.

Sit with me daily, images and messages will come from me and others, for you are to deliver them to others as you see fit.

We will be in contact for contact.”


Bridget’s experience of interacting with the diplomat: “His energy was regal in a clear, elegant and powerful way. He directed me to paint the picture first, not knowing any “mental” details of he or his origin, as to capture his frequency in its purity. He is very light and balanced with a air of neutrality due to his diplomacy. I feel very strongly that this “contact” and connection between you, through me, is an “official appointment” that you had made together on the ships and I was there for the occasion to be the initial conduit. His presence has never been made with a human and only because you are his counterpart did he “make the time”, in a sense, to re-mind you of your relationship 🙂 His only role in connecting with Earth is setting you up to be even more of your natural self.  His energy and presence knocked me out with such radiating force. It was a special honor and I’m so excited for you to commune with him.”