By: Bridget Nielsen

My dad, Sharon, and I sat high on the vast red rock cliffs, in the warm sunset light glazing upon the epic force of Upheaval Dome.  The energetic immensity of this 60 million year old crater in Canyonlands National Park is otherworldly. You can fully feel the strength of rich activity, other dimensional beings and ships moving through the crater even without seeing them with your physical eyes. We’d been guided there only a few days before with the profound knowingness of what this place will deliver when we deliver contact to ourselves. Upheaval Dome is one of the first contact points and we were called there to understand how that would materialize through creating community in the area.  This is how we spontaneously landed at this incredible vortex…

It was a cool dry evening in the desert of Sedona just a few days earlier. I took a seat on the pulsing ground, ready for a meditation in the Chatres Labyrinth at Angel Valley. Meditations always reveal something beautiful for me so it’s always an exciting practice, but this felt different… It was alien. I’d been here before… in this place at another time, another now. Another reality overlaid this moment and my heart started to race. I heard Bashar’s voice as I have hundreds of times before, yet this time he was reading a script for the movie I was about to full on act out…

As the contact meditation got going and my energy synced and spiraled with the vortex of Sedona, I slid into another reality… I remembered contact. I remembered me. I remembered everything! Like a near death experience where life flashes before your eyes, I was immersed in a “near life” experience. Sights, sounds, visions, feelings and complete union with every galactic being I’m connected to were vibrating through every fiber of my being. Every cell was blasted with light and knowingness of the very essence of why I incarnated! I was one with everything, I was infinite… I felt the true nature I was before I fell into the dream of my human experience. I was ecstatic!… wailing with tears, being completely overwhelmed by the awareness of my soul’s calling. I woke up!!! I saw the dream I was dreaming and everything I’d gone through to awaken to this moment, to experience the future now where I will make contact. I was in that moment where the ship was landed in the Sedona vortex and saw it all.

Simultaneously, I was connected with a newly disclosed vortex at Upheaval Dome in Utah. I had been there too… many times in this awakened state, this future now where contact occurs, AND even in my physical sleeping human life, I had spent every summer growing up there at family reunions as a local Utahan amongst the red rocks.  My ET contact experience will (in a now upline) take place in my own backyard. I was coming home… to my Ute Indian land… to my roots… and to my soul. The journey of my life that I’d lived for the past 26 years (in human terms) came full circle to the original spark of inspiration for my adventure to incarnate here on earth. This experience was indescribable… I wish you at least a hint of what I experienced as you read this.

My heart and soul were shaken by the realization of my true infinite nature.

The aftermath of this insane instantaneous journey was unique. It activated my alien DNA. We were created from at least 7 extraterrestrial DNA lineages (including Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturan, Orion, Anunnaki, Zeta Reticuli and Ubsilo), the 8th component being the hominid (ape) DNA. As humans, we are already hybrids (*Note- The hybrid children we refer to are a mix of Grey (Zeta Reticuli) and human DNA created from the hybridization/abduction program. These children, our children, will land in the near future.)  As many of us know, part of the human ascension/awakening process is activating our DNA to its full potential.  After this experience, I got a good dose of physically feeling this activation and literally felt very alien. I felt like another personality took over my being. My whole body was numb, my hands were shaking with light, and I was vibrating for hours after the meditation.

I’m so grateful for this visceral undertaking because this schizophrenic-like alien explosion is going to happen to many of us more and more as we open up to it. We’ll have to hold complete unconditional space for each other to go to the next level of our awakening process and it may be very uncomfortable and strange. As Bashar says, we have “a mini-Galactic Federation” in each of us and to make contact we’ll need to fully know with every fiber of our being that we are the aliens… the aliens are us.. literally, in DNA we’re made from and the parallel incarnations we’ll meet face to face. When that realization becomes knowingness/kenned, contact will occur.

More to come! Please feel free to share your experiences and contribute to the awakening.