This is the hybrid family of an Indigo human Krista-Annikki Räisä, The Galactic Fairy!

She has a hybrid sister, seen on the left, who assists Krista with her channeling, mediumship and inter-dimensional artwork!  Her sister is the hybrid daughter of her human father, making she and Krista sisters.

fmachjmjThis is a rare occasion for the hybrids children to be depicted in space.  Almost all of the hybrid freelancers are actively preparing to live earth.  They’re energetically project themselves on our planet through my other channelings, in their alien-earthen essences and assigned geographic locations! The hybrid freelancers will be apart of our NEW human civilization, living with us on a 5th dimensional earth…

These two children are first contact specialists and are designed to travel through space-time and visit many worlds. They told me they will visit earth, but their destiny is in the stars. Their frequency was created from Krista– who is a galactic ambassador and preparing for her role in the stars.  She’ll be one of the first humans to take a step beyond earth and her kids will guide the way.  Together they will make first contact with many other civilizations and have lots of fun!

Their message to Krista~ “have fun… play… and FLY… We love you mommy! We’ll teach you and show you how fun being different can be!!”