I’ve been captivated by the idea of E.T’s since I could remember. Looking back on it now, I see how I’ve been having contact experiences all my life. However, my conscious experience with extra-terrestrial’s has been gradually unfolding since about 2012. Around that time, I started to have very vivid and lucid dreams of being on other planets and interacting with what I now understand to be, various types of UFO’s and E.T’s. I didn’t quite understand why this was all occurring, nor did I understand that what I was experiencing, was in fact, a recollection of realities that I exist in outside of my human self. These night time experiences were what started a process within me to help me to remember the truth of why I am on Earth at this time. The words “Starseed” and “Galactic Federation” started to show up repeatedly in my reality. It took me a long time to comprehend, but now I understand that my connection with the E.T’s is far more personal than I could have imagined. I now realize, that I temporarily left behind my higher dimensional existence to take part in assisting the Ascension of Planet Earth (as many are here to do at this time) . This is far from my first mission with The Galactic Federation, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. Several years have gone by, and having fully conscious interactive experiences with these beings, has become quite a normal part of my reality. On a very regular basis I wake up at night on space-craft, with my galactic family beside me. I am being implanted with new energetic upgrades and taking part in the high-council meetings all of the time. 

My paradigm shifted once again after the memory of the Hybrids re-surfaced in my consciousness. After watching Bashar speak about the Hybrids it became pretty obvious that I was involved in this abduction program, and my genetics and energetic blueprint’s were being used to make little E.T kiddies. How exciting! waking up to the fact that not only am I a high-council member of some super epic federation of badass extra-terrestrials– but I have an entire family, made from my essence, that exists just outside of this reality! doesn’t get much cooler than that. As I started to interact with the Hybrids in dreamtime and telepathically, I got the intuitive download that although I do have kids, my primary connection to the Hybrids is more of a sibling dynamic. many of them are my brother’s and sisters. This is because my personal genetics are upgraded, and are closer, vibrationally, to that of a Hybrid’s. This upgrade was necessary in order to carry out my mission at this time. Many of those who are my age and younger are downloading into the Earth paradigm with these new light coding’s in their genetics in order to assimilate more readily to the new frequency of the planet.

I am incredibly honored and excited to be a part of this galactic reunion that is occurring on our planet! The more I raise my vibration, the more I realize that I play a very important part in building this new paradigm. It’s no coincidence that I have found myself living with the Harmonious Earth Team here at the galactic headquarters in Sedona. Bridget, Kirk, Patrick and myself are helping to bring about this new world, starting with raising our own vibration, then establishing a new economy, then establishing our communities, and lastly, welcoming the arrival of the Hybrids!!!! Woo!!