Channeled Artwork & Message by Bridget Nielsen

I love connecting people with their cross-connecting galactic incarnations and counterparts! If you’d like a session dedicated to finding out more and connecting with your galactic connections, please let me know.

You’ll Receive:

  • An original custom painted energetic or physicalized painting of your counterpart~ depending on their density/dimension and relevant presentment for connection. This artwork holds the vibration of these beautiful light-beings and act as a connective conduit to make contact with them and shift your vibration to that reality!
  • Messages and information from your galactic family and your higher self which comes through during the drawing process.
  • A golden beam of connection between you and your counterpart.  In the sessions I merge their 5th dimensional or higher dimensional realities with yours ~ bringing “heaven on earth” by energetically grounding the bond between you in this physical earth plane. Once the connection is created you’ll more easily communicate, create and dream dream of them and feel them in your everyday life.

My Channeling Process: The channeling and artwork process requires a lot of energetic dedication and time.  I dedicate a whole day to the creation process and being with their energy. I begin by receiving a vision from your star family through meditation. The vision is not just an image of them, but a big picture depiction of their frequency and thematic essence in their hybrid incarnation. I draw and paint this vision which could be anything~ normally their essence or physical depiction. During this process I receive a message from them explaining how they “work” with you, can assist you and the relevance of why you are connecting!  It’s a divine and incredible process!  Thank you for allowing me to bridge-it!!

All funds I receive from my sessions and artwork go directly to the group money pot at the Sedona Headquarters Community for food, living expenses and community development. By supporting me, you are supporting a new economya new collective and the first hybrid children assimilation community. Thank you!

Session Possibilities

Green Reptilian portrait

Reptilian Counterpart

Alien picture of Anima from hybrid races

Anima, Shakani (Sassani) Hybrid.

Drawing of a reptilian zeta alien

Zeta Feline Reptilian

Glowing picture of beautiful Sirian aliens

6th Dimensional Sirians

beautiful picture of our sirian star family

Physical Sirian

Abstract painting of a zeta reticuli alien being

Zeta Reticuli (Grey Counterpart)

Watercolor of a grey alien being

Zeta Reticuli (Grey Counterpart)