By: Gabe Salomon

These symbols came to me after having several very conscious contact experiences with the Hybrids. For several days in a row, I was waking up with these symbols imprinted in my 3rd eye. I did not know what they represented at the time, but I was encouraged by the Hybrids to illustrate them. I’ve been channeling light codes since I was very young, but now it’s really exciting to see that these strange symbols I have been drawing for so many years are starting to make sense!

hybrid galactic symbols

This one came to me after having an experience with my Hybrid brother, Terra. It represents our current timeline, in relation to the timeline in which the Hybrids are here with us on Earth. The sphere is where we are currently, and once that sphere reaches the intersection of the four lines — that is when global contact will occur. You can look at the sphere as the two hemispheres of the brain. As you can see, there is still a split in between the two sides. This is because we are in the process of becoming whole, once again. In order to become whole beings, we must bridge the gap between the two hemispheres of the brain. We are close to finishing this process, as depicted in the picture, though we still have a little ways to go. So, in order to shift to the “galactic timeline” we must first become whole as individuals and as a collective, just as the Hybrids are whole within themselves. This is when the diamond shape becomes significant. The diamond is our merkaba, our chariot of light. As you can see, the two tetrahedrons do not overlap. This is because on our current timeline, they are not fully ready to be utilized yet. The merkaba becomes activated when we return to full consciousness, and this is the vehicle that we access to be able to jump in and out of various dimensions and realities. As I am writing this now, the Hybrids are saying, “This will be one of the important lessons that we will be teaching you once we arrive.” How exciting! The 4 lines are there to symbolize the 4 directions in which life can take you (North, South, East and West) and at the end of each line there is a light code that represents where we are headed collectively. So, here the Hybrids are showing us that it doesn’t matter which path you go on, you always end up at the same destination. With that being said, I want to direct your attention to the light codes around the edges of the picture. All of those codes represent the energetic blueprints of each of the Hybrids. They are side by side, surrounding Humanity, and assisting with our return to full consciousness.

galactic symbols

This symbol started as a present for Kirk Nielsen (another Hybrid father) for his birthday. As I began to channel I realized that what I was drawing was the energetic blueprint of Kirk’s Sassani counterpart. Though it wasn’t until after that realization that I saw an even bigger picture of what I was channeling. This symbol doesn’t only pertain to Kirk, but is actually representing the completion of our Ascension process — filtered through the frequency of the Essassani collective Oversoul. From the Sassani perspective, this is the frequency that we are becoming. You can see that instead of being split, the two hemispheres of the brain are connected by three synapses. The connection of the synapses brings the two sides together as one, and allows the third eye to be activated (which is represented by the small circle at the base of the line). Just below that, you can see that the purple equilateral triangle does not come to a full close. This is because, though it is a completion of a cycle, creation still carries on, ever expanding and flowing outwards, into the next cycle. The reasoning behind the pentagon as being the primary shape for this one is because the number five, according to the Sassani, is the number of humanity. The light codes within each hemisphere correlate to the hemispheres of the brain, as depicted by the colors (left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, right controls the left) and finally the codes to the right of the picture is what this cycle would look like if it was written in a book, and the language to the left is how you would speak these codes. The geometrical representation can only be accessed in the Akashic, through the utilization of these light codes.

The Sassani say that it is important to understand that in order to experience this timeline you have to first understand the coding, which is part of what we are doing in dream time, when we are taken on board the light ships. If you are seeing these symbols while you are in dream time, then know that you are being aligned to the frequency of the Sassani and placing yourself on the timeline of Ascension and global contact. So, don’t be surprised if you start seeing these symbols, now that you have read this download. As we assimilate these codes on a subconscious (and for some of us, on a conscious) level, the further we shift ourselves to the “Galactic Earth” paradigm.