I’m currently in Hawaii with my father Kirk and our purpose here is to locate the Maui contact community.  The other intention is to soak in the abundant energy of the land and the heart chakra of the planet – Haleakala!  We’ve created ourselves to be temporarily staying in a jungle near the sacred mountains of Iao Valley.  On the first night my dad had a full physical experience with his hybrid kids (click here to hear about his experience), and I’ve been having many magical midnight connections as well!  I’d been feeling a special energy around Mother’s Day, the new moon eclipse and having an influx of new mothers coming to me to connect with their hybrid children. So here is what all that buzz was about for me…

Two months ago I was on the Big Island for a other-worldy dolphin retreat.  I had an incredible “dream” experience that I now understand was “prophetic,” speaking in linear terms.  There’s a difference between dreams and parallel reality experiences.  My sleeping memory experience was something very real… I was walking with my hybrid daughter Crystal on a dirt path lined with palm trees and green foliage.  No words were needed as the telepathic exchange created even more of a satisfying bond, swirling in each other’s energy. We held hands and glided along the path on a beautifully fragrant and glowing afternoon.  There was immense love, peace, comfortability and joy because this was our life… she was with me. We were living together *physically* on earth.  The kids were no longer “space children”; they had landed… they were among us… we were with our family.

I was deeply moved.  This experience felt like it was at a farm or some kind of plantation. The one thing I did know is the place I was with Crystal IS in Hawai’i.


My mental mind couldn’t have conceived that I would be back in Hawai’i so soon, but my higher self had a specific soul agenda. My dad and I have located the first 5 locations for the contact communities, and Maui had to be on the list of the first 5. Using Google Maps, we are now proficient at energetically identifying the locations with intuition, with 2 qualifications in mind: 1 ~ property near a major vortex/chakra, 2~ land with very pristine energy (I’ll write another blog laying out the full plan soon, but for now I’ll continue with this story).

We knew from Google that the Maui location would be close to Haleakala… away from the hustle and bustle of the hotels and in the clean heart chakra energy of the volcano. Yesterday we drove along the roads around Haleakala to physically see the possible locations for ourselves. We drove down the curving roads through rainforests and past lava rock waterfalls, going deeper and deeper into the pure energy of the land.  Without a map and with full intuition navigating us, we were guided up the road where the location was waiting.

It felt like crossing into another dimension once we entered the property.  We could viscerally perceive a future community overlaying this present reality… it was palpable and dizzying. Coconut tree after coconut tree abundantly lined the road to ocean overlooks and rich green forest.  I was home… We didn’t stay for long as to not be obtrusive so it wasn’t until driving on along the coast did the memory and emotion hit me like a wave crashing deep into my heart!

That’s the place!!!” I cried to my dad. “That is the place where I was with Crystal… where we walked… where we live! That is the location for the community!!”

There is a parallel reality “future” that exists in that place where I am united with my hybrid children along with a whole community!  The guidance and physical confirmations of our full KNOWING is coming to fruition… coming alive… and the realities are merging. I am so happy  to see it happening before me and to know that I am taking action as fully as I can. Everything’s coming together in perfect timing. All of this was the best Mother’s Day gift ever: contact, knowing and being on my path “sufficient unto the day.”

The land, support and people will manifest perfectly just as everything else is doing right now. The kids are ready to come… The only things they need are a pristine place to land and a high vibrational group of humans to welcome them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love & Aloha,