Son of Willo Ravenswood from Tasmania, Australia  – Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen

I take in surges of energy from the life around me: sun, stars, moon, clouds, sky, air, lightning, plants, rocks and even fellow light-beings. By connecting with deep appreciation to the essence of those energies, I become them… This magnetizes my experience to the point of Creation itself… to oneness!!! I let the light pulse through my physical being enabling me to fly, create spinning vortices, change weather patterns and jump as high as trees!! This coalescing dance of joy radiates through my heart straight back to where I got it from… I create energy and love with everything of my reality.


I’m an energy builder and accelerator, taking in the highest frequencies through my light body and etheric body.  I refine the light into my physical being which super charges my body, enabling me to do almost anything in physical reality.

Bridget: Are you like a free energy device? Yes! Precisely…


What I do with energy and my physicality is how humans once behaved thousands of years in your past.  When this art was lost these acts turned into the lore and God archetypes.

The activated humans in their day knew how to use the energy all around them. I bring to you that wisdom. I am the Human-ET embodiment of you, what you know to be the Hermes archetype. Pegasus is my mythical vibrational counterpart. Our message: The most powerful energy is ignited by the purest light. Heaven animates our wings with the lightest and most delicate touch.

Pegasus Meaning: 

Pegasus is a symbol of knowledge, glory and inspiration. Since ancient times, Pegasus has been a symbol of power and speed as well as imagination. He symbolizes heightened power of the natural forces – the innate capacity for spiritualization and for transforming evil into good. Pegasus also symbolizes the immortality of the soul, and serves as the carrier and protector of the spirit in its journeys to the astral plane. Pegasus teaches humility and boundaries.Pegasus__fading_by_SMcNonnahs 2

From Willo, Hermes’ Mother

It is interesting to me how aspects of myself have been passed onto the children. I was aware the other day that this son was playing hide and seek and he had a high energy signature. Hermes/Mercury in mythology is of course known to be something of a trickster too. It is an excellent fit considering my muddle with seeing him before he was drawn. But it is even more perfect than a good fit. I KNOW him and love him deeply. What a beautiful Being to have as a son. We can indeed play together as I understand what he is doing completely. As Honey is the sweet essence of the Earth, he is the wild alchemical delight of the Heavens.  How blessed am I!!! My heart is singing.

The first thing Krista said in her reading was “are you interested in light technology?” I feel Hermes has inherited this aspect of myself but it is a spiritual technology we share. He is a transformer. And I resonate with his dancing….his intimate energetic connection with creation and love.

“And the Pegasus energy…… (I am a Sagittarius with Mercury (conjunct the sun) in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and trine to Uranus)….is native to me. Of course he is Himself and not just an extension of me and I will spend time with him and learn from him that which his Being teaches.  And as he is his own self  he will express those energies and talents in his unique way. Wow! What a world Gaia is becoming in her ability to be home to such amazing children. It is a wondrous imagining isn’t it.
I remember Geo’s picture….I love her and her unicorn.

So once again Bridget you have struck gold in your gift to me and to Hermes. I feel enhanced by my knowledge of him in this world as I do with  Honey. I see and feel a clear reflection of perfect Love in them and it gladdens my heart. There is no prouder parent in the galaxies than me 🙂