By Sigrid Karssens, Healing Arts teacher and healer (The Netherlands)

Since 2009 I have been developing my consciousness by following the courses of Healing Arts (, where traumas and blockages are cleared  out of your Earthly and cosmic lives. This enables you to live from your qualities and passions instead of trying to avoid reliving the old traumas.

The sessions during these courses directly gave me consciousness on the extraterrestrial fields and so I met Zeta Greys and Annunaki. The last years I faced my fears and disbeliefs about them and worked hard to be able to live with them in brotherhood and equality. These intensive processes still take place day and night. Sometimes I have an out of body experience at night, just after I had a breakthrough, like a kind of reward. In these out of body experiences I keep my full consciousness.  I am being pulled out of my body and led to other worlds or to a space ship by extraterrestrials who guide me in these other spheres. At times I can’t see very well in these dimensions, so I make telepathic contact with my guides, and touch them with my hands. Their bodies, arms and hands are not human-like, mostly small, and the hands have sometimes three or six fingers. They often let me fly for a quite a while because I love the flying sensations. These encounters with my star family are always filled with love.

hybride kind 8-9 maart 019

During my half sleep I had contact with a Borendt (a hybrid race born from a Zeta and a human). He told me I had a great part in their genesis. Not only as a human but also in my parallel lives as an Annunaki- geneticist, as well as other terrestrial lives where I am involved in the care of the hybrid children and experiences of abductions. I didn’t have much  consciousness of these insights told by the Borendtman. There was an inner knowing that I have Hybrid children, but not based on an out of body experience. That changed in 2012.

Because my development went very fast, I hardly had time to cope with all the different experiences, so I kept a diary. I described my nightly adventures. Not only with extraterrestrials but also with the ascended Masters and other enlightened or less enlightened beings, that were all intensely engaged in my process. I also described how my nightly adventures influence my day to day life and how my expanding consciousness is connected to the contact with the star beings and the hybrid children.

On February 12th 2012 I had a beautiful experience with my star family. They gave me a message full of love, and that’s the reason I decided to publish my book. Although the information in this book is a bit ‘out of the box’, the reactions of the readers are laudatory. At this moment the book is being translated into English: ‘Celestial Grounding’ is the title. I hope the book and its information will spread all over the world, so that fear and disbelief of the star beings will disappear and our hybrid children gain the right to exist that they deserve on this planet.

The next time I will describe my experience on February 12th 2012.