By Kirk Nielsen

How I Met My Kids

I didn’t mean to meet my hybrid children, it just happened! But I will let you in on what I was doing in my life that made it happen. I was being my authentic self and following my excitement as fully as I could. I had given up worrying about money or how what I wanted to happen was going to happen. I realized that my physical mind can only “perceive” what is happening and I had given the steering wheel of my life to my higher self who does all the “conceiving” of how things are going to happen. I was trusting that what needed to happen would happen and that whatever was happening was exactly what needed to happen and so I was excited about everything that was happening, because I trusted that my higher self knew what it was doing.



I decided that believing in space/time no longer served me, and I replaced it with the belief that everything is here and now. I changed all my languaging to match my new belief and got rid of clocks and used my cell phone to set alarms to make my appointments. I never think about time or time passing. I think of time as just a mental construct that is flexible and a part of 4D reality. I no longer believe I have to go through all the steps I used to get things to happen. I can now jump segments of time like jumping to new scenes in a movie.

The way I view space is that I’m not really moving in space, I’m (my consciousness) just shifting billions of times per second though different parallel realities. When I’m riding in a car I view it as if I’m sitting in a theater watching a film in fast forward and when I arrive at my destination and walk around I view it as if I pushed the play button and I watching it as regular speed. I never really go anywhere, all space is in my consciousness, I’m always just in my private theater. It’s all inside me…my consciousness. I just shift to different scenes on my giant big screen of my universe. In my theater I believe I am able to put in any movie I want and change the roles of the characters from villain’s to heroes at will. I have agreed to the collective rules of the physical reality game which means I’m interacting with other beings, but regardless of what they do, I choose what their actions mean to me. It is only my own energy that I am experiencing and the same is true for all the other beings playing their game.

I daydream about these ideas regularly throughout the day. In fact I look at life as though it is a waking dream. It is more of a dream than my sleeping dreams. I am bringing my sleeping dreams and waking dreams together as one reality that is flexible and magical like a fairytale. Who said life can’t be a fairytale? I choose to believe it is a fairytale. One part is no more real than any other part. It’s all a dream and I am the dreamer. So if I choose to dream that we live on a Harmonious Earth, where we join with our hybrid children and galactic family, there is no one in existence that can oppose me. I am an aspect of All That Is just like you and everything else and I have all the capabilities of Creation itself. Now, it is up to me to be whatever I can imagine that I can be as fully as I can.