By Bridget Nielsen

I receive TONS of emails and messages asking the same questions. “How do I remember, Bridget? How do I make contact and connect with ETs, my hybrid kids or my Galactic family? I’m open and willing, but I haven’t had a dream in years.”

I know what you’d like me to say is… “Well, go buy a moldavite crystal, meditate one hour a day with your contact intention and go to the desert at 2AM.”

Fortunately, I’m going to say the opposite… for now.

I have so many memories and dreams now that ET interaction is a big part of my social life. 😉 I’m in a particularly unique situation because my incarnational theme is to be a pioneer for contact, specifically bridging hybrid “freelancers” so don’t put high expectations on yourselves to remember.  Everything happens in perfect timing. I’ve received a lot of comments from newcomers feeling invalidated because certain hybrid parents or experiencers are having SUCH profound experiences that it lessens the richness of the synchronicities that happen to them.

I’ll begin by saying that EVERYTHING matters. Everything is synchronistic and to arrive at the place of meeting your hybrid children, you must first acknowledge the sign of the honking horn outside or the first hummingbird in your garden right after getting off a call with a new business prospect.

73375_861807164456_863218766_nMany of you probably notice that I’m living a pretty cliché life, connecting with ETs in Sedona.  Paradoxically this isn’t the exact formula to retrieving and awakening to your experiences. For five years before I was in exotic sacred places, I was facing all my fears and doing my personal work full time!!!  I spent two years going to weekly constellations healing my family ancestry. I’ve only had one “secure” job since college so I can truly express my joy through art, advertising, spirituality and now extraterrestrials. I’ve been in countless relationships diving into my neediness and fears, working through my beliefs to know who I am.  These are some of the behind-the-scenes details that you may have missed. Yes, there are certain individuals like Kim Carlsberg and Jim Sparks who simply remember ALL of their encounters, but for the rest of us, we must let go of our baggage and lift our frequency so we can perceive more of who we are.

I’ve experienced a DIRECT correlation between following my excitement without inhibition and increased levels of contact and memories. Here are some examples… At the beginning of the year I vulnerably shared my excitement to go to Hawai’i to swim with the dolphins and asked for fundraising to do so. While I was there I had a future vision of myself with my hybrid daughter living with me on Earth. One month later we found the exact location in Hawai’i where my memory took place~ click here to read more about it. Months ago I ended a relationship that wasn’t serving me and that night I had a positive abduction memory. Over the past month I’ve been building the new hybrid website for free because it is so freaking fun and joyous for me, and the day I finished, a hybrid daughter I hadn’t been aware of came to me in a vision AND that night I saw my first official waking state UFO!  Following your excitement and shedding what’s not in alignment with you WORKS!

I’ve done regressions for people, and I’ve found ETs are the last thing your sub and unconscious want to bring to light. Almost everything has to be cleaned out and acknowledged for these experiences to bubble free! What are some ways you can do this? Are you fully expressing your true, beaming bright self in all of your friendships, relationships, job/career? Is the place you live representative of your excitement? Are you holding someone else’s baggage or beliefs for them? Do you think of yourself as valuable and worthy? Are you validating the spiritual and ET experiences you HAVE had thus far and are you publicly sharing them with others? Going public is a huge deal with major rewards… if you’re ready. If anything is out of alignment, take immediate action and change it or let it go. Take action in the direction of your heart because it’s who you are… you don’t need another reason. 🙂 The more you lighten up on yourself and lessen the chosen stresses – yes, I said chosen – in your life, the more you’ll expand and be able to perceive more of who you are! Click here to read more about personal practice.

For me, I know there are infinite things to learn and explore about myself! I choose a very open and free life. Unraveling all of my programmed human beliefs has landed me in a place of living blissfully in high vibrational locations, close to nature and experiencing pure entertainment by the simplicity of being… ETs or not, I find myself quite disconnected from the mainstream world and living in a very new way. Synchronistically, one of my excitements is to help set the stage for the hybrids to land, so we’re building communities – and a new world – to properly host them. Click here to explore.

In closing, enjoy contact with yourself… that’s what it’s all about and when you realize that, there will be an ET or hybrid child standing beside you. Everything has already happened, you’re just becoming aware of it. You’re making the invisible – visible.