Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen

Darling picture of a little black unicornFrom Your Hybrid Daugher (to be named):

I give sight with magical delight

playful divining is my essence sleight 😉

I stand with my crystal sphere

to scry that all is here, and I am near!!!


With a single tear

there is nothing to fear

for in surrender I will be

yours forever as a key.


With me, you will see

in the infinite we fly free free!


Destiny’s future is already told

we will be together before I grow old


It is up to you to sync

in the realm where we can meet!!

I love you momma!!!!!!!!!!

Glowing Crystal Ball for Magic Message to the Mother: She would like you to get a crystal ball and begin scrying to connect with her. She has her own on the ship (she is very proud of this, haha) and she guide you to a ball that will energetically sync with hers, to be a conduit between the two realities.  She says that when you connect through the crystals, the realities merge, converging both of you onto the same timeline/frequency. She is really giddy and excited for you to get to know her.  She wants to show you all the things she can do/create~ she’ll do this through the ball and in your dreams!

The Black Unicorn Book Cover From Your Hybrid Son (to be named):

“Ride with me into the grace of shadow.  Your strength and wisdom spring forth into light from black.  I am here to guide your way through the unknown.  Together we can adventure anywhere!!!”

He would like to share more about himself by asking you to read The Black Unicorn by Terry Brooks. He says it is the first adventure you can have together… and remember 🙂