Channeled By: Bridget for Aly their mother.

There’s an overall balancing act within your feminine being, represented through them, that they are revealing. The beauty of dark and light, conscious and unconscious. When I asked who wants to come through, Romania and your firecracker showed up. The boys wanted to come through another time. For now, these two kiddos are your primary hybrid guides.two girls with planet heads

Marion~ The fearless free-bird. Your eldest and mother to all is one powerful cookie. As you know she does what she wants and shares whatever she feels called to. Another energy she shared with me to relay is her refined balance of fire and water~ yin and yang… when to act and when to bloom. She represented this in the drawing through the fire flames coming out of her hands and the feminine essence represented through the flower. She would like you to play with these two energies in the same setting.

Inline image 1

Here are two scenarios to connect with her.

1: Sit in silent darkness and take a flower essence under your tounge. Feel what comes.  After a few minutes light a candle and meditate on the flame. After that, close your eyes and feel the two energies merge within you.

2: Go to a natural cold spring and dip in the water. Then light a small fire and focus on the warmth and bright energy. Feel the two energies merge within you.

Romania, as we talked about on our call, is a way-shower for the deepest parts of one’s consciousness. She is a trickster and very wise.  She would like you to connect with her by meditating in a physical cave that will come into your awareness.  The cave is the gateway to other dimensions and her deep, pulsing frequency. She wants to work with you on your subconscious programs and the deepest recesses of your being, to bring more clarity and light.  two cute kittensWhen you connect with her through meditation she will take you shamanic journeys to access the past and future to connect you with other other lives and develop your intuitive skills. She says there’s a particular type of tribal music to play during your meditations with her. She says you know 🙂