Channeled By: Bridget

Shannon has energetic and genetic imprints that makeup Jacob (the boy in the middle of the picture). The most triad symbolimportant thing I hear from Jacob is that he is the primary guide of both of you, or hybrid child ambassador, as you likely already know. The 3 of you create a triad, a trinity of divine connection. “Equally… Equally,” he keeps on saying. The triangle also symbolizes the 8th chakra with two nodes in heaven and one on Earth. He wants you to be depicted as the heavenly nodes and he as the Earth node because those are the positions that each of you are learning.

He loves and is connected to meditative practices, bringing the connection of picture of mt. shasta at sunsethigher realms back into the physical experience. Jacob would like you to focus your energies on Mt. Shasta, Mt. Kailash and the sacred mountains of Earth, which will be portals for you to higher realms. The colors on the two sides (in the painted picture) represents your energies in the triad, and the rainbow in the middle represents complete unity and balance… and “fun” he says 😉

On your connection to Mt. Shasta:

Both of you have lives in Telos as Lumerian/Middle Earth beings, who have a portal to their civilization through that mountain. middle earth citiesConnecting with the mountain’s frequency (physically and/or energetically) will provide a myriad of opportunities: the teachings from your counterparts, connection with your higher selves and Jacob, and communion with the elven/faery frequencies that your other hybrid children embody.

Jessica was created through Kate’s influence. Jacob and Jessica (the girl on the far right) have come to you as your personal ambassadors and are thrilled to be both of your guides. You do share hybrid children that have your combined genetics, pictured in the drawing on the left. She is shy but is pleased to see you again,and she’ll tell you her name and more about her in “private”.  The little boy next to Jessica (one the right) has Kate’s primary imprint as well. sacred mountain at dusk

By focusing your energies on the high sacred mountains of the world, as well as visiting them, or calling them in through meditation, more personal growth will occur and thus connections with the children. Drawing, coloring, visualizing triangles in any fashion you imagine is one of the portal symbols your children are relaying to me for you to play with. Jacob really wants you continue developing a strong meditation practice so he can better connect with you and for memories to be activated.

Your kids are so sweet. Kind, present and so excited to connect with you!