By: Ashley Ruiz

It started with a visitation in the middle of the night.  It was the beginning of 2012, a new year, a fresh start…  When I was younger I would always dream about being on ships.

Some of my dreams were scary encounters that left me waking up with my heart racing, but each time I woke up I never put the pieces together. I just didn’t understand. My mother never let me see “scary movies” so there was no way for me to obtain any concepts of the sort.

I’m 24 years old now and I am fully aware and understand that these dreams were a part of my reality, and still continue to this day. Although, please don’t get me wrong, I no longer fear these dreams or memories.

I had always had a problem with sleeping. I always had to sleep with someone or sleep next to the wall. I always had to feel guarded, as I loved to cocoon myself in my blanket for “extra protection.” At the beginning of 2012 I felt a sense of wonder wash over me; I yearned for the stars, for space, and other life forms that come to Earth in these “UFO’s.” It washed over me so bad that for about a month and a half I researched all that I could about everything that incorporated space. I just felt deep down that I needed to but I didn’t understand why.

Then it happened, the reason why… It was a normal night, my boyfriend sleeping at the edge of the bed, and I was nice and comfortable lying on my stomach near the wall… It’s the middle of the night and for no reason I lifted myself up. I was in a daze and was out of it. I turned my head to the left of the edge of the bed and I saw him in silhouette (I’m not sure if it was a him or her so I will call this ET a him. Also there was only one single light source, an led light from the fan that made it somewhat visible to see around the room) standing there with his arm reached out towards me, hovering over my boyfriend’s head.


I just observed passively, because again I had just woken up and didn’t realize what was going on. I observed him as he was observing me. He had a large head as I compared it to other things around the room. He stood around 5 to 6 feet tall, and had a slim body. I was so confused, but once I started to realize what I was looking at, I gasped and that was it. I don’t remember the rest.

I spent about a day contemplating what I had seen within my own mind, figuring out how I was going to tell my boyfriend about it without him freaking out… A couple of months went by. I think it was around summertime when I had a very lucid dream.

This dream is what changed everything for me…

I was half aware of what was going on. I was in a room, sitting on a table and for some reason crying, I didn’t cry because I was afraid or in pain but this cry felt like I missed someone so bad that I couldn’t contain my emotions. I’m facing the doorway and I see these two people come forward towards me, a lady with blonde hair wearing a blue suit and another person, but that one ended up disappearing. The blonde lady was speaking to me in another language and I had no idea what she was talking about. The closer she got the clearer I saw the detail of her face, the makeup she was wearing and the crystal on her forehead (third eye).

Once I realized that I could see so much detail in everything I looked at, I became fearful, and as I did, I started to fall in slow motion backwards, and it was as if time stood still. I saw these two light beings that looked like Zeta Reticuli, glowing blue skin and white suits, rushing and reaching towards me to grab me before I fell, probably back into my body. Out of nowhere I felt this dark blanket wrap over me and around me.

I was still on this table. I ended up on my stomach but I was up on my forearms. I started to feel this intense pain in my lower stomach and I had a vision of two cells splitting apart. It was as if I was looking into a microscope and watching this happen. I could feel someone pull something out my stomach and the pain subsided. The weird thing about it was that I was prepared for the pain, as if I knew it was going to happen and I did my best to breathe through the experience.

I heard the lady again but this time she spoke in English and told me to repeat after her, “I need starseed… jewelry.” She had me repeat it twice because the first time I didn’t understand what she was saying.  She started talking to me again but this time I felt myself unable to hear what she was saying. It sounded very muffled and before I realized what was happening I felt tingling all over my body and I woke up and I jumped out of bed fully aware of what happened! I was so amazed at the residual feeling I felt within that I rushed to my journal and wrote down what she said and everything that happened.

I spent several months trying to figure out what she even meant. Why did I need starseed jewelry? I Google searched starseed jewelry, but the word starseed that came up was of a network. I did more research about the starseed concept and wondered, “Am I a starseed?” I had never heard of this word so to be able to search it and connect it to space was astonishing, and verified my experience.

The image of the two cells was another thing that I pondered because it can have so many meanings. My first reaction to the experience was maybe they were taking a baby out of me or planting one in? I searched “two cells splitting” and realized that is the start of the creation of an egg. I’m not sure but I feel deep down I may have a hybrid child, maybe even more than one, and if I was certain, I would absolutely love to communicate more with him or her.

These are the two events that always remind me that I am connected to space, as we all are in our own unique ways. These experiences were a blessing that have enriched my life to a greater perspective that is filled with love and passion towards others including myself. It was a reminder that we are all connected.


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