The hybrid children are the 6th density expression and physicalization of our true human natural selves.  Being that the “freelancer” hybrids are destined to be a part of a new humanity on Earth, it is no wonder than they would root into the essence of our world. As Willa Hillicrissing has taught us, the hybrids have taken names of natural things ~ primarily plants and crystals ~ that match their soul. Be it Willow, Holly, Sage, Helichrysum, Cotton, Primrose…. They are embedded with the energies of our wondrous world. To initiate us into more connection in 2015, the hybrid kids want us to connect with them via plants. They want us to viscerally experience their spirit and a powerful way of doing this is with essential oils, herbal salves and teas!  Our sense of smell completely alters are brain and takes us to places like nothing else.picture of wild flowers One of the things they shared about this session is that many of the plants, flowers, etc that they are connected to, are not common to most of us in our daily lives. Some of these rare beauties are deep in forests, or so remote that we won’t happen to walk past it on a manicured sidewalk on the way to work. As we get back to nature and place our selves in Earth environments that are aligned with us, these essences will again become who we are. At that point, the kids will appear to embody them in physical form. This session is about connecting us with the children, but the thing the kids are most excited about is rooting us forward to connect with our natural selves.  What the session includes: In this intuitive session I will download and create whatever your children want for you to experience. It may be their specific plant essence in the form of “a simple” ~ 1 plant. It may be a blend to take you to a place where they can more easily communicate with you.  They will also deliver message and give instructions as to how and when you should commune with their natural treats!  They are communicating that each session will be completely unique, with no expectations! I am at their whim with will deliver whatever they brew up!

The possibilities of what it will include (between 2-4 of these treats will be included):

  • A short note from your child or children
  • A loose tea (simple or blend)
  • An essential oil blend (pure or with a carrier for anointing during meditation or dreaming)
  • A bath salt or soak
  • A little picture from them…

pink blooming flowerI want to thank Willa for facilitating this idea for us, the parents and the kids!!! 🙂 All of the oils, teas and herbs I will be using are organic and non-GMO. Most of them are bio-dynamically farmed (even more nourished than organic) Flowers and herbs, especially in essential oil form vary tremendously in price due. Thus, if the children want to commune with you through a rare, exotic oil, the amount may be smaller or used with a carrier oil. I can hear them right now, “It’s not the amount that matters, it is how you play with it!” Which brings up a good point, this is not meant to become a ritual… it is meant to be a moment of connection. It may induce a flash vision in a meditation or a deeply warm feeling in a dream. The kids, the plants and the dimension we are shifting to is subtle, so if you are into all that I have shared… Proceed 🙂 **Note, this includes $5-10 domestic shipping. If you are international please add $10 to cover the additional cost. This session is $111. Enjoy blessed friends!!

Session Possibilities