Itom LabMy experience and roll so far is that of playing and teaching the kiddies the ropes of Earth life style. I’ve had no parental experience (yet) but Hybrid kiddie experience an absolute YES! I’ve had E.T. experiences since 2007, telepathic, mediation and the occasional psychedelic journey. I’ve had about 10 ship sightings and a few that are really really awesome. My first official contact with a grey/hybrid being was in a meditation in 2011, this thing melted my heart with thee most unconditional love and greeting, more on that here >

I am a galactic spiritual artists in the forms of audio and visual work. One my music projects Itom Lab is completely designed in these alien/galactic/spiritual flavors and from the very start is what brought me to “them”.  Also a variety of visual arts with a solid focus on 3D modeling of characters/glyphs. The varieties of my dreams will get you many details about my unique experiences >

My first hybrid kid experiences began in 2013 and the attraction with familiarity has it progressing including connecting with so many others at this point with similar topics. My roll has been teaching them about Earth concepts, metaphysical training for me and them, each integrating what we both know and can share. I’ve done concepts of levitation and using light/energy. I recall a really cool experience of being on the moon in one of my ships showing them how it works and taking short cruises >  It’s usually a group of 5-10 of them that I hang with to share and learn each others reality integration.

I recall a dream where there was one and I know his face in detail, his hair, clothes/style, ect.  We were at Lightning in a Bottle in the year 2020 and he was 13 by that time with long bangs, skater style haircut and wearing a red t-shirt. His name was Jack and we were chilling in this room area at LIB. I remember staring and talking about his eyes, saying they were just a little bigger but totally obvious. We (me and Aluna) were talking a little bit, but Jack hardly said anything and all was telempathic. The details are here >

I plan on putting out some graphics of these hybrids and ships, ect. in “the future”  until then sweet dreams from the wonderland of Annanika

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