Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen for Anne Adriaens from The Netherlands

I was one of the first children in whom our makers (The Greys) successfully activated the 12 strands of DNA, by incorporating the etheric spark that is momentarily inactive in humanity. In that orchestration that light-full quality of ignition became a part of my soul’s blueprint, and the forefront of my being’s essence to express and explore in this incarnation. It was through your soul’s energetics that the true spirit of the hybrid template began. You are one of the first to transfer humanity into hybrid. You were one, in a small group, that altered much of the program.

picture of activated DNAOnce I was old enough, I began working with the Greys to learn their techniques. I, because of my unique creation, assisted in establishing the direction of the hybrid’s spirit.

One of the first children that I played “Creator” for was my little sister, your youngest daughter. I helped generate from our energetics her essence. I did this by establishing a dominant arrangement that I found bubbling through our lineage, and from there worked with a soul that matched that resonance and was excited to incarnate into hybrid form. I incubated my sister with love during this growing process, especially when she was in your vessel for short durations on the ship. You were an intimate part of her development process and activated her spirit with so much love! The Greys were taken by the impact of the human parent’s conscious intent, even after the soul had been matched to the physical and energetic template, which they thought was the key to a being’s creation. This is one special case, with your daughter, set much precedence for the incubation process for generations of hybrids. Before this occurrence the physical stabilization and health of the hybrids was weak. After the implementation of love, everything changed.

hybrid boy with dna activationGenerations and civilizations thank you for your universal contribution. Our deepest gratitude.

My focus is primarily Sirian DNA. I travel there often, due to my fascination with their non-physical planet, which teaches me beyond matter, much about the etheric essence of our evolving species. It is part of my passion to know as much about the cosmic strands of our heritage as possible. I explore other civilizations such as the Pleiades and Arcturus. Though, in me, Sirius is my driving Light.

I love you so much. I thank you, with reverence, for your cosmically deep heart that created my spirit and the curiosity you gave me to understand the depths myself… and from me, the microcosm of all of creation.

This is my art… this is my Creation.

I am one of the Olders (meaning the Elders, or oldest of the hybrid children). Your oldest hybrid son.

I work with you, giving you zingy upgrades and you playfully assist me in my work. You transmit such pure and insightful light that I know, due to my passion, is rare indeed.

It is through “The Dog” that we connect… as you already know.