What a fantastic life I have! I’ve realized I can actually shift to a reality where I have hybrid children. Wow! What I experience is all up to me. “Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.” There are realities where I have no awareness of hybrid children and there is not anything but what I can see and touch using my senses. But I didn’t choose that reality, I chose to wake up to the fact that I not only have hybrid children, but I get to be with them. That’s what I’m experiencing because that is what I believe in.

I have a lot of hybrid children… like 50 or more. I don’t know the exact number. After all the mixing and matching that has been done to create the hybrids the percentage of physical genetic material that I have in my hybrid children ranges from a very slight 1 or 2 percent some of the kids to maybe 70 or 80 percent in others.

I had a very special experience where I met a group of about 30 of my hybrid children. You can see the full story of me shifting to another dimension and meeting them by clicking on the accompanying video I made about it. I am very excited about our civilization merging with our galactic family. I am putting together communities around the world where that will make it feasible. You can check it out all that we’re doing at www.HormoniousEarth.org.


Click here to read more about my daughter Geo and my hybrid daughter Cynthia!


It doesn’t matter how much genetic material (and physical appearance) was used from which humans to create the hybrid children. It is irrelevant whether it was one percent or a hundred percent. From their perspective they see each and every person as their parent and as their child.

They understand that they are infinite beings, coming from the same one Source, and so they have as much to share with us as we have to share with them. Everyone and everything they come into contact with is their teacher, their mother, their father, so to speak. They know that they have something important to give back to whomever they are interacting with. We are all essential players in the beautiful symphony of life.

They are coming as our gifts to ourselves. We helped create them. Now they are helping us create a better world. They are returning the gift of life that we gave them.

There are many things that need to happen before the hybrids land. Self-sustaining communities that will act as pristine sanctuaries need to be built and populated with humans who have raised their vibrations by doing their personal work of letting go of limiting beliefs, like physical reality being fixed and that an individual can be disconnected from Source. We have to meet the hybrid children halfway, meaning we have to become more like them by living like them, in harmony with each other and nature. They are excited to join us and share the planet with us.