The day I did the portrait I got a very sudden thought that I should do it and that I would connect with one of my hybrid children really well. I used the technique as for some readings I do where I follow the lines that appear on the paper. For the first time ever the portrait started upside down, I wonder why it happened with her! I saw many eyes shapes that kept appearing all over the paper but there was one stronger presence. From the beginning she kept saying Zeta and with the Z in one of her eyes I guess she is part Zeta. It was an amazing feeling connecting with her, one I haven’t felt before. It was an amazing feeling of peace and love in my heart and the connection was very strong and personal. I asked how many other hybrid children I have and she said 30! I felt that she was the oldest. She has very healing energy.


I knew I had hybrid children as about 6 years ago I consciously agreed to giving my dna as if someone was asking me but I didn’t actually hear anyone. I was just sending out my agreement. I didn’t even know about many things I do now at the time. Connecting with your page reminded me of what happened


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