“Look in my eyes and you will see a fertile bloom of the truth… an ecstatic dream that came to Be. Can’t you see? It is you.” ~Lilly

Lilly first came through to me shortly after I became close friends with Nick, her hybrid father. Together, we contributed well over 50% of Lilly’s current DNA. The exact percentage is uncertain but she is a lovely blend of both of our genetics! She is one of the most adorable hybrids I have ever seen! She looks more human than most of the other kids I communicate with and her eyes are only a little bit larger than a human who has “large doe eyes.” She has dark curly hair and beautiful green eyes that reflect your face perfectly when you look into them. She is a clear mirror that invites you to look at yourself without judgment and decide who you want to be in each moment. Her pupils are small and almost unnoticeable at first because she says we are the “apples of her eyes.” I make them larger in my artwork because she says she CAN expand her pupils when she wants to so she can become a student (pupil) and learn more about our ways. =) She wears white which is representative of her pure nature and she looks like one of the cute little children from Hobbiton! I became aware of her before Nick did and informed him about her existence. Some of Lilly’s greatest excitements are creating plant-based remedies, expressing herself through aromatherapy, and communicating with flower beings in intimate and magickal ways. Consequently Nick has also developed a more keen interest in aromatherapy! We can connect this way through certain vibrational fragrances and it is how she likes to send messages. She has aslo helped me create a strong telempathic link to Willa Helichrysum by guiding me to different uses of Helichrysum oil! In one of my first encounters with Lilly I was talking about how I like to garden here on earth and imprint seeds with my dna so that the plants bring healing to me. In my dream time, she picked up a tiny little lily seed and held in front of her eye for an instant so it looked like she had a pupil and we both giggled. Then she placed the seed in the palm of my hand and held her hand over mine in a cupped shape. She said that with focused love and intention we could create a space where the seed would blossom without planting it into dirt. As we both channeled our expansion and love into that little seed and embraced it and supported it, it bloomed in my hand. I watched the greenery slowly crawl out of the pod and saw the little petals warmed by our love opening up to us. We were the sun for this little seed! The love we shared and sent to it made the little flower ecstatic with blossoming excitement! Lilly giggled and then became slightly solemn when I told her that some humans spend their whole lives trying to be fertile biologically, materialistically, and even spiritually. She says that it is silly to go searching for something that is already a part of everyone. She says “Every human can bloom effortlessly!” She explains that some seeds produce lilies, others make roses, and some even grow into carrots and big trees. Lilly’s message is that we are all blossoming seeds, ripening to the joy of our own truth, and together we create the intoxicating fragrance of wakefulness and ecstasy! Lilly can spend hours communing with a single petal, a tiny leaf, and even a color. She reminds me of the beings in the Barnard Star System (ones we will make contact with as contact specialists… much like Bashar does for us!). The beings in the Barnard Star System hear an entire symphony in one single note… a single color is a work of art to them! Consciousness is embedded in the core of everything and Lilly finds art and beauty in simplicity. Lilly comes to me often in my lucid dreaming state. She has asked me to help Nick prepare for her arrival at his own pace and in doing so I experience even more contact with these amazing hybrid children. The lily flower has a great deal of mythology surrounding it. It is the May “birth” flower but more importantly it is a flower most commonly used at funerals! The lily flower is a beautiful storyteller. It shares the vibration of innocence we can rebirth in ourselves by simply shedding old skins and shells that no longer serve us. This level of purity is always inside of us. When a soul transitions from a body into non-physicality it can create a fresh perspective of itself and can choose a new experience of wonder and joy! Innocence is a part of all of us and Lilly’s arrival into my consciousness is testament to even greater awakenings in myself! Lilies are described as beings that “restore” innocence after death but it is truly just the Soul waking up from the earth dream and remembering its true nature! Now, as we enter 4th and 5th dimensional states of being we can always be aware of our true natures and no longer have to wait for physical death to reveal who we are! My hybrid daughter Harmony takes Lilly “under her wing” in a sisterly way. Lilly seems to be about 5 or 6 years old while Harmony is around 8. They love to play together in flower fields and their excitements complement each other perfectly! Harmony likes experimenting with sound frequencies to see which flowers resonate with certain sounds and vibrations! Just like the honeybee that vibrates at a perfect C pitch to cause a flower to open up and give of its pollen, Harmony and Lilly play together and discover which frequencies release a flower’s healing essences the most. These beautiful girls have opened up a new ecstatic world of fragrances and shown me that the Soul craves subtlety and simplicity. Lilly has always assisted me with revealing the many purposes of fragrances and flowers and she constantly guides me to books and reading materials that help me infuse my home and garden with healing colors and simple joys! The following is a channeling I did from the flowers themselves as I experienced them in the hybrid world with Lilly and Harmony:

I meet the flowers at the synapse called Being and sit in the central sun of their embassy’s swelling truth – a savory flavor of the Tao with infinite frame and transparent view. Light gold and pink find their light team-toll free- in the art of a full-petaled sea- a crystalline matter adorned in me. In this place I am edgeless… ringing with the timbre of a soul without condition and a meadow alight with the volcanic shattering of belief in the mundane. I love the terrain of an innocent face nourished in the echo of the earth’s floral vein… it’s in the health of a dream and soul of a tree where a fruity kiss bears ambrosial gifts in co-efficients of blue and green. My slow ticking is a sweeping conclusion to a Geneology… clear in the emphasis here on the ecstatic birthing of a sapling me. My summit climbs endless and free- a lasting recipe- encoded in the span of a redwood and a four seasoned breeze. This fusion of endearing play is a sweet reception at the street called dejavu and the whistling wind of an inner zipline bound for beauty’s rendezvous.

~ Story shared by Shelley Beth Legrand :

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