Naively, after I had be shown my two hybrid daughters who are part of the “Free-lancers” and been explained my part in the “Orion Grey” hybridization program, I thought that that was it. I could put this in a little box and define myself in this way… I was wrong…



Adronis told me the existence of many hybridization  programs:

(Channeled by Brad Johnson : )





Each little guy of my semen is used to create a hybrid!

Hundred of thousand of kids all around the universe in many different civilizations…!!!

For me who thought not so long ago I may never have kids at all 😀



Lyra, my hybrid Pleiadian daughter has a large white collar which represents her origin in regards to her star nation, although she can always change her appearance to what I feel is preferable. She’s a contact specialist in training, she will be communicating with other worlds, working together with other mentors to actually initiate in regards to the training aspect of becoming a contact specialist, very similar to Bashar. I have the ability to personally channel her through automatic writing.

Lyra-Hybrid daughter

I remember seeing her at least two times, and you can read the previous article with the portrait I made of her then (link below).

And when Adronis depicted her, honestly I was a bit annoyed… How could I be so far from the “truth” with my own child?

And I got a really nice answer to that question :

I don’t need to concern myself too much about the accuracy of appearances, especially from where she resides. The whole idea is that appearance is interchangeable in regards to what they prefer to have. It’s not about being to “nitsy-fitsy” and perfect based. How many depiction have we of the Sirian people for example? How tall, what hair color etc really doesn’t matter. All that matters is the essence. Plus, they can choose to appear to us in a way that we prefer them to be, so when I was seeing black hair, I was not really wrong.

It’s a real treat to have the opportunity to learn those informations because, it’s been almost a year now that I’ve been into the hybrid children and connecting with them always doubting what I was receiving. Now I enter in a new phase in which I decided to dive into it fully! The most important thing is to have fun in the practice! I forgot that 🙂