LYRA and her counterpart.

By Maxime Valentin

Yesterday, just before falling asleep, during this little moment, not totally awake neither asleep, I became entangled with what I recognized as a wind running through my entire body. The color of the manifestation was a beautiful pink and I felt the presence of many ascended masters!  That was a great experience, I was like a tornado going everywhere, expanding my consciousness… and then, another daughter appeared!! I was thrilled … and a name came : Lena? … Lina?… Lyra! She told me how much she loves me and all the other kids as well!!!

I jumped out of my bed to draw a little sketch since I know myself too well and I would not have remembered that the next morning. So here’s the photoshop version I did. I never thought I could draw so easily, I mean, okay it’s photoshop and you can do whatever you want but I feel the inspiration coming through my vehicle. Indeed, that’s something I also noticed! A subtle difference in my way of communicating, something very important yet to continue in this way. It was not the mind talking or sending thoughts but really with the heart and the waves of emotions running through the body!