Bridged by: Bridget Nielsen

Maper is a maze designer. He uses his grid gifts as a game, almost like a video game designer on Earth.  He sets up holographic realities for his friends (fellow hybrids) to master, setting up portals, and uses magical devices to foresee the next step.

maze childHe is working with beings, in other civilizations, to learn how to design the framework of various dimensions, and people/being’s soul blueprints. These are maps that lays out the incarnational game-board for being’s themes of exploration. He is playing “the higher self” and the goal of this game is to create expansion through challenges, and positive reinforcement.

He is similar to the girl in Inception. He would like you to watch that movie to sync with his energy. His mapping is similar to what is depicted in The Adjustment Bureau. He also requests that you play maze puzzles and video games, and meditate on labyrinths that call to you.

The little girl is who popped in for Valentines Day, when I started the drawing 🙂

They love you verrrrrry much and are so excited to connect!