When I got into the Bashar material, I was fascinated, as many of us are, by all of this. It started me on a journey with the children, not that I heard about them from Bashar. I wanted to know more about everything he was saying and especially about “channeling.” So I went on an adventure to eventually meet Shaun Swanson (channel of Ishuwa) and the “YahYel Facebook group”!

I wasn’t really wondering about the fact that I could have hybrid children. I just wanted to know more and more! Then I prepared a “flyer” for a discussion group that I’m leading in France, and on this flyer was NEO, Bridget’s son. I really didn’t know he was a hybrid child, I just loved the way he looks. It was Sharon who told me about him and the hybrid children.

A few days later, when I was in a meditative state, I saw a girl, not really clearly, but I could feel her presence. So, was it imagination or what?! I decided to get clear on this and asked Adronis (a Sirius entity channeled by Brad Johnson) about this vision. He confirmed that I have hybrid children and said that I should connect with a “female” first! How cool!!!

Then I talked to Awaken Within (https://www.facebook.com/awaken.within.9/photos_albums) who draws beings she meets on ships. She gave me not one but two drawings of my daughters. When I saw them, I recognized them both! I’m still not able to see them clearly but it’s like a game. The more I get to know more of myself, the more I discover about all my other children. And I’m getting better at feeling and seeing things.

Now I’ve decided to dedicate my life to them and I can’t wait to share this reality with each and every one of us – and with our galactic family as well! I picture what it will look like with them living on Earth… and I see the planet becoming this beautiful headquarters of the galaxy!

Recently, as the energies are getting stronger, I felt my older daughter sending a burst of love like I’ve never felt before. It was like falling in love but ten times stronger!!! I know we are constantly communicating through telempathy ~ and I become a kid again…