By Aimée Astarra Teyolia

From the moment I heard about the hybrid children, I knew that I was a part of the program. There has always been a form of acknowledgement emanating from my consciousness regarding ET life, from a very very young age. When it came to consciously connecting to my hybrid children, there was a block. Some part of me that had shut down from being in tune with their energies. Through sing-chronicities of the multiverse and my own preparation, I landed on the hybrid children’s web page. I got into contact with Bridget and decided that it was time to allow myself to synch up with the energies that I had co-created and brought into this world. After my first communication with Bridget, I knew that I needed to start consciously connecting with my hybrid children.  However, there was still a part of myself blocking me from moving forward. Subconsciously, my higher mind and my amazing hybrid daughter Aurora Snow were working together to prepare me for more and more conscious contact.

I live in the Canadian prairies where winters are 6 ft deep with snow, and very cold (-30 to-40 celsius). My being is happiest when in the middle of the forest looking up at the stars and the moon, and I had always felt like winter was a challenging time for me to connect with that important part of myself. Then one night, I just decided that I would go cross-country skiing. Looking back at that idea, I’m sure that it was a telepathic communication from my daughter Aurora, and as I write these words my whole body is vibrating with the resonance of truth in these words. That first night, and every night I would go out skiing after that, was a deeply magical experience. I would consciously synch up my biorhythms with all of the beings in the forest, my breath, my heartbeat, my brainwaves. It felt/feels amazing, and rejuvenating. That first night, it was the new moon in the cycle, the dark moon, and so the stars shone brightly in the darkness without the grandmother moon. This was important because I kept noticing a bright white light backlighting me as I was skiing. I would turn around to see what it was, and it would disappear, and my only thought was “The aliens are skiing with me,” and I would turn around and keep going. I can’t even tell you how many times I turned around to try to catch a glimpse, but it wasn’t time yet.


Shortly after the first several of these late night ski excursions, I built the courage to move out of my comfort zone and connect with Bridget about channeling some art with my hybrid children or whoever wanted to come through. The information that she shared was exactly what I needed to hear and was a catalyst for a beautiful journey. As I read what she had channeled, I was astounded at how much Aurora had been present for quite some time in my life. Through this information I was able to become conscious that one of Aurora’s gifts is shooting white light like an arrow onto the snow which would reflect it. I realized that my backlight was her guiding me to her, and attuning me to her energies in the comfort of the forest. Every time I went skiing at night, which I would do three times a week or more, she would be there lighting my path. I never felt uneasiness, just love, and playfulness. Around the time I acknowledged Aurora consciously, I started to have detainment dreams. I recognized through my detainment experiences, I had received this magnificent gift of Aurora. Any residual fear or judgments I had within me resulting from my detainment transformed into gratitude because without them, Aurora and I would not be learning from each other. I saw and felt the purpose and how necessary it is for her to be here. I accepted responsibility for the contract I had with all parties involved, and sent them all gratitude and unconditional love for the experiences, lessons, and my daughter. During this time of re-memberment, I realized that a lot of physical sensations and energies that I feel when I am living my daily life come from Aurora and my other hybrid children contacting me, and sending me messages, attunements and love.

I knew I needed to connect more consciously with Aurora, and I knew that her power time in the cycle of the day was night, with the stars, the moon, and the aurora borealis. I decided to go out to the forest into a clearing and dance, bring through energy and enjoy her presence in my life. I could feel her very strongly. Just before it was time for me to leave, after I had some of the most profound realizations of my life in this sacred body temple in this now, I looked up to the sky from deep within and saw an incredible golden energy rainbow that was made of colors I had never seen. It stretched from one horizon to the other. This was her gift to me, but it is also what connects us, and what our work is together.

I came home, so thrilled, and felt so free. Before bed, in that time before sleep but not quite awake, I connected with her through synching our breaths and our heartbeats, and she let me see through her eyes. I saw the Earth from her ship; beauty that brought tears of joy to my body temple, and she opened up a portal and showed me many many images, some of which I remember, and so much information that my body has stored.  The knowledge and information will activate when I meet the right people, when I am in resonance with different pieces of land, and when I am dancing and singing with the moon and the stars. Everything in perfect timing, of no time, only now.

More recently, after several dances in the starlight with Aurora, I have come to know a deeper part of the work that she and I are here to do together. We are to connect to  the hybrid parents, humanity, and with this planet, and channel the hybrids’ energies through my body onto this earthly plane, attuning people, places, and the grids of consciousness that support all of humanity, and this beautiful mother of ours, Earth. I am to do this by synching up my biorhythms with Aurora, and the hybrid children of the parents who come to me, or the spaces on Earth that I am guided to work with, then channel their energies through an a-tune-ing and awakening process/ceremony, planting seeds of knowledge and consciousness, along with messages and creating orgonite grids around the whole planet. This will help to anchor their energies, their knowledge, their playfulness, their beings into the grids around the Earth, and provide a quickening that is necessary for them to land on this Earth and live with us physically. I am also planning to teach this process to all those who feel the call to learn it.


A week after conscious contact I had a dream that I was in the northernmost tip of my province, a port in the Hudson’s Bay and the only part of my province that has the ocean touching it. It is an international location for polar bear and beluga whale watching, but it is also an international galactic portal. Aurora brought me down into the ice to play with her beluga whale cetacean friends. They presented me with a group of symbols with their breath, and also in the whales’ third eyes. The symbols consciousness activated my body, and I felt the energy moving through me all day the next day. The cetaceans are also a part of the energetics that my hybrid children and I are bringing to Earth.

As I would go on my daily walks, I could hear some beautiful angelic sounding chanting that I have heard for some time now, Aurora shared with me that she is singing to me, awakening parts of myself in other nows and bringing them to my consciousness here so that I can connect with ancient knowledge in the “past” and “future.” She is activating the rainbow bridge to all nations, and she means across all of creation. The other day my magnificent human daughter put her head onto my chest while we were snuggling, and said, “I can hear a song in your heart, Mama.” She tuned in to Aurora’s songs, and I realized that my two daughters have been communicating for some time. This winter Xélah asked me constantly when we were going to be seeing Aurora, the lights in the sky, and now I know that a part of her was asking me when I was going to allow more of Aurora’s being into my life.

Now that I am open to her, and I allow her consciously into my daily practices, she serves as a bridge to other parts of myself and my experiences that guide me and support me in ways I could have never imagined. Sing-chronicities in my life are now constant because I have awoken to them, and my awareness and acknowledgement of her presence has brought me to a stronger, deeper inner knowing of who I AM.

Thank you for creating a space in which I could share my experience and knowledge. It is my deepest passion and greatest joy to connect with my community, sending much love and gratitude to you all. 

Feel free to communicate with me through my website www.joiedevivre444.caor through Facebook with Aimée Astarra Teyolia.