I ran into the hybrid children via Bashar, after listening to him for while I heard him mention they hybrid children through one of the question & answer sessions he was giving. Being the first time I had heard of the hybrid children, I was curious about them and decided to look into what these hybrid children were all about. I found all sorts of information on these kids. My first thought was: they were the most adorable-looking things in the world!

Seeing all these hybrid mothers/fathers having all these amazing experiences and encounters, I wanted to know if there was anything out there for me: like many of you out there, I don’t have the privilege of saying that I had these confirmatory experiences regarding hybrid children/parents. Many of these parents have had these amazing experiences; whether it was in-person, astral plane, or the dream state. I used to interpret my own dreams but I stopped around the beginning of 2012. As far as I can remember, I don’t recall anything related to the hybrid children, but who knows, I might have forgotten them for one reason or another. Anyhow, I searched for these experiences with the hybrid children, like many of you probably have and are, to see if I contributed anything to this amazing program for the human race. My paternal instinct radiated for these wonderful children. I wanted to see that they are all taken care of as soon as they touch ground here on Earth.

It’s comforting to know that some of the children have already found some amazing fathers and mothers on Earth making their efforts to bring these children more into the collective consciousness of humanity. There’s still some time and maybe I can find my part in a hybrid child, and maybe all of you that are still looking for their hybrid child or children can run into the same luck as all these beautiful hybrid mothers and fathers here have.

For those of you still looking: It is my opinion that it is important to know that forgetfulness plays an important part in finally knowing whether or not you know you have hybrid children, or an experience related to hybrid children (e.g., extraction of DNA, abduction). So if you have a busy life or have other important issues not related to the hybrid children program and the majority of your attention is directed to these unrelated issues, memories, remembrance of these unusual events may be hard to come by. Much of the literature in dream interpretation suggests that the only way to remember dreams is to consciously and attentively make the effort to remember those dreams. The more you do make the conscious effort toward these dream memories, the more easily they will come and the more you will remember. At least that’s what I know about dream interpretation. I suspect the same principle applies to the hybrid children and remembering these wonderful and amazing contacts.