By Sharon McCormick

I once asked Bashar: “The whole soul agreement thing about the hybridization program. Can you explain how it works? Did the Greys choose me and I agreed, or…?”

He answered: “Remember – all that are chosen have a counterpart in their civilization. You chose yourself. Very often the Greys you are interacting with are you.”

When I first saw Bridget’s painting, I thought it might be one of the hybrid children. Then it hit me. It’s a Grey. My Grey counterpart.

I know the Greys (aka Zeta Reticuli) have a terrible reputation. They’ve evoked paralyzing fear and physical pain in people. We ask: Why are “they” doing this to us? But there is no “they.” As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” At least another aspect of us, the darker side of ourselves. That which we fear in ourselves, we project onto the Other.

But why are they doing this to me? Because I – I – volunteered. Because, as Bashar put it, I “wish to be of assistance in bringing hybrid children to the Earth at this time of transformation.” That I already knew, but the painting has challenged me to dig deeper into myself. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Okay, so the One is All, the All are One. In other words, we really are all connected. Light and dark, yin and yang, head and heart. All of that has come into play for me as I’ve pondered my relationship with the Greys. Can I see myself in them, see them in me? Do their large black eyes provide a mirror for me to discover more of myself? Can I truly love the being in the painting? Is he male? The father of my children and/or another aspect of me? Is she female? The children’s teacher or just a different split-off from my oversoul? And are we humans interacting with “them” to show ourselves what the brink of destruction truly looks like before we devastate Gaia and all upon her? Are the hybrid children an integral part of the co-creation of a new Terra?

A lot of questions. For me, the answer is yes. To all of them. This and that.

The ETs have shown many abductees a potential future Earth of total destruction. The detainees have also been told that they, the aliens, “can’t interfere in our process,” that it’s up to us humans to change that future, to choose the Earth we wish to live upon and take action to create it.

The time is Now. We can create that truly brave new world, the one in which we summon the courage to look at, integrate and love all of ourselves, all of our Selves, human and extraterrestrial alike. The one in which I – I – summon the courage to create it for myself, for all of my Selves.

And so to my Grey counterpart: Thank you, my friend, for the co-creation of my beautiful children, for being your part of infinite Creation, and for helping to give my Self to me. I love you.