23 says: I’m really excited to introduce you to Noah, the very first contributor to our new For Human Kids! section. Noah is 8 years old and has several hybrid siblings. One of his brothers is also named Noah! Here is his story:

“Me and my mom, my dad, my sister, and my little brother were in our car, and I saw a spaceship in the sky over the trees. It was all flashy with red lights. It was a huge round shape, like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.

Another time, I was at a party with my family, and I did not like the party. So when we were leaving in the car, I was upset, and I saw my hybrid brother, Noah, looking at me through the car window. I know he looked like Noah. He looked like the painting, but his head looked a little bit smaller, and as soon as I saw him, all these wavy smokes came out around him, and I think he was like sparkly.

It made me feel better when I saw him. I wasn’t scared; I actually felt really safe. I think safer maybe. He was there for a second, then poof.

I think the hybrid kids were in my dreams, and that’s what made me really energetic when I woke up this morning.” -Noah, age 8

23 adds: Noah will be submitting more pictures of his other hybrid brothers and sisters! Would you like to draw or write about the hybrid children? We would love to hear about your experiences too!