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Hybrid Children Online Playshop!

You’re invited to this online playshop anytime! 

  • Connect with your hybrid child!!!
  • Remember your galactic heritage & soul mission
  • Bond with like-hearted soul family
  • Rekindle your own inner child & ability to PLAY!
  • Cultivate your extrasensory abilities
  • Develop your ability to trust yourself and use your intuition

Gallery of Extraterrestrial and Alien Races Photos

Pictures, paintings and drawings of Cetaceans, Reptilians, Grays, Yahyel, Essassani, Annunaki, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirius and more…

Videos and Links to Hybrid Children Youtube Channel

Watch Videos about ET’s, Hybrid Children, and Hybrid Parents. Be sure to Click Subscribe!


Links to Other Hybrid and ET Websites

Links to Harmonious Earth, Galactic Families, Barbara Lamb, Dolores Cannon, Daniel Scranton/The Creators, Shaun Swanson, Rob Gauthier, Benevolent Reptilian Hybrid, Brad Johnson/Adronis, Spirit Science and more…

Harmonious Earth ~ A new 4th Density World

We are shifting to a new 4th Density Harmonious Earth. See what that new Earth will be like and what you’ll need to do to be on it.

The Children

Pictures and Articles about hybrid children that have made contact with their hybrid parents and shared information about what they look like and what they are gifted and interested in.

The Parents

Pictures and Articles about hybrid children Parents that have made contact with their hybrid children. They share their experiences of meetings and how they felt and what it mean to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the hybrid children? Do I have hybrid children? Aren’t we all hybrids? Am I a hybrid? What if I don’t have hybrid children? When are the hybrid kids landing? Where will the hybrid kids live? and more…

Articles Explaining Hybrid’s and ET’s

Pictures and Articles about: How Hybrid Children are created, Our ET Heritage, Our Galactic Family, Other ET Races like Bashar’s race Essassani, The Barnard Star System and how we will be their ET’s and more…

Articles about Hybrid Children

Amber ~ My Crystalized Tree Honey

By: Bridget Nielsen Meet Amber. I met her LUCID on a ship! The first night I was with Patrick Haize (Harmonious Earth Community Member), I woke up in the middle of the night in a deeply emotional state. I KNEW something significant had just happened so I went back...

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The Meadow Sisters, Nature Hybrid Spirits

Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen for Ragnar Holøien from Norway As you know there are many little hybrid girls around you 🙂 Particularly girls. The little 5 year old (right side of the picture) just stated, “There are 5 of us who are 5!!” She is sassy, coy, sneaky,...

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Key, The Hybrid Spirit Who Changed Everything

Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen for Anne Adriaens from The Netherlands I was one of the first children in whom our makers (The Greys) successfully activated the 12 strands of DNA, by incorporating the etheric spark that is momentarily inactive in humanity. In that...

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Sara, Hybrid Artist of Light & Color

Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen for Hybrid Mother Jodie Lee Neave from England. I am an artist of color and light!!! I play along the whooole rainbow spectrum, flowing in waterfalls of light! I am fascinated by the artistry of Earth.  I explore what you call “street...

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REP the Ref~ Game Playa of Quasi-Physicality

Channeled by Bridget Nielsen DAD!!! Call me REP! 🙂 Rep the Ref. We hybrids are being trained to play with Earth. Well, some are doing other things, but the first-contact crew that I am a part of is amped to merge with hUmans!! For some reason you guys think your...

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The Glastonbury Greeter

Channeled By: Bridget Nielsen Mom, I am so happy to connect with you. I can assist you to communicate with whoever you wish!! I am your telephone, conduit, operator and guide to the galaxy and other dimensions. Whatever direction you want to explore, I can act as your...

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Rylee: So Much Love!

By Jason McGrady Hello, my name is Jason McGrady. For a long time, I've been open minded to the thoughts of making contact with other extraterrestrials but I've always had a hard time understanding how contact is actually established. For a long time, I've pondered as...

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NestOr, The Intergalactic Hybrid Sun-Unifier

Channeled by Alessandra Gilioli - Click here to visit her website!  Hello!! I am the species known as the Global Intergalactic Humanoid Central Sun Emmissaries. We have a special mission to unify all fronts. There is a spiritual mission to link all beings. To allow...

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