Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen

Mohican (meaning: “from the waters that are never still”)

hybrid alien child nativeYour son is intimately connected to the Native Americans energy, particularly with the Mohican tribe which he wanted to be named after. He has a wild, potent and beautiful energy yet there is deep wisdom and passion in his essence. This is a tribe that you have a simultaneous life (past life) as who was/is in contact with extraterrestrials. Your remembrance of this life will connect you with your son and the star people. The way that these soul energies come into the hybrids is divinely orchestrated and intertwined with our own (the parent’s) soul evolution.

I assume that you likely come from Mexican heritage so I was wondering if there was a connection. The Mayans did migrate northwards and some of them integrated into this Mohican tribe, so there is an ancient blending with even your heritage in this life and others. Mohican is majority your genetics in combo with extra ET genetics. I asked if there was a human father and this one is all yours.

To Connect:

It is through some of these Native American traditions and initiations that you will cultivate better connection with your son and star family. I suggest things like a local sweat lodge or walking in the forest to find wild tobacco/herbs to open those channels of memory and connection.Indian.lg

To build your connection with Mohican, is to connect with the wild within you. I see flashes of red and fierce passion that pop up from his energy so connect with that aspect within you will be profound. On a more practical level… well as I write this, there is nothing practical to him. I hear that it is through pulsing blood and heart pumping vitality that his energy can be accessed. I see a really active drum circle where you are pounding on a drum or even intensive exercise to get your heart really going will be a way to sync energies. I also see that harnessing and activating your senses like a animal in the forest– becoming hyper present to every sound, light and sensation around you will bring you to place where all time collapses and you can meet. That may mean going on a camping trip, a vision quest or some kind of survival training (not for survival sake, but to get you right back to the elements) to let yourself surrender to that state of being.

Other Guidance/Family

I do feel a strong, loving, all-encompassing watery energy supporting you from above. This is Sirian energy that looks after you. “It is through the fire of absolute presence that I can be felt.” I see now a tunnel of consciousness that is beckoning you through that first begins with this fire, this intensity to wake up your whole being and through that you will arrive at this flowing still-point of divinity, where this Sirian and all of your higher self resides.

Your little girl(s) are around as well, but this other part of you that your son embodies is what is most relevant for you to follow in this moment. They’ll are more than ready to connect with you, but they’re waiting their turn for what energies are most supportive to your growth in this moment. Side note – They are more connected to the sweet, Mexican heritage and energy.