“Ripples in Hyperspace” by Ana Bagayan

тнє σиє ιѕ тнє αℓℓ αи∂ тнє αℓℓ αяє тнє σиє.

Parallel-realities“In ancient times the analogy of the hologram was called [in your language], in your culture, Indra’s Net.  Indra’s Net was a net of pearls, perfectly round reflective pearls.  If you think about it for a moment, you realize that each and every pearl, by definition, must contain the reflection in its surface of every other pearl in the net.

Therefore, all you need to do to understand the information of all the pearls of the net is simply to refer to the reflections in one pearl.  You don’t have to go all over the place, if you look into one pearl, depending upon the angle you are looking at it, you will receive or access the information of all the pearls in the net, that is what is meant by the holographic structure of reality.” -Bashar

Sketch by Mama Aluna


Pearl embodies the unfathomable intelligence of All That Is as a Holographic Reality Specialist!!  Shes also a perfect energy mirror and in doing this she delights in revealing cosmic secrets, like the archetypal High Priestess (the keeper of esoteric wisdom)….she doesn’t reveal until you’re ready.  She is my [Aluna’s] freelancer initiator, meaning she is the gatekeeper to all of my hybrid kids.  My guide.  Her role in my life is to help me remember the contact I have already had and am having now.  As well, she has engaged me as my muse in more artistic endeavors than anything I’ve known in this life.

She showed me in a dream that her animal totem is Otter!

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Pearl's Totem