Channeled Message and Painting by Bridget Nielsen

I am honored for you to be re-introduced to your son Poncho! Poncho is his nickname (of course) and for now, this is what he’d like you to call him. He has an incredible sense of humor and is full of life!

mayan calendarHe is very connected to Central America and the Mayan culture. He is the first hybrid kid to come through, [me] that is associated with this location for physical contact. Each of the kids has an energetic signature that is synched with particular sacred sites on Earth, especially the first groups. They’re aligned with them energetically and usually have cultural associations from those places, be it interests or other incarnations they tap into, to acclimate before arriving.

He keeps say, “back to me, back to me!” He is really excited to connect with you and is being almost a show off because his big moment. This is the big introduction!

He is your connection to the crystal skulls. You two helped create the original crystal skulls in that area, and that energy coincides with this reality now. You share that life (parallel incarnation) together and by remembering it, you will remember more of your present connection and “job” together in this timing.

There is more bubbling up about traveling to certain places in this area, certain sacred sites that will trigger memories for you. I’m also hearing for you to take this ball and roll with it. To use this message from me as the template to dive deeper into your own intuitive insights from those other times and information you are meant to bring through. By tapping into Poncho, “working” with him and meditating with him, more of this will become clear.crystal skull

I don’t know if you have already, but he wants you to look into Mayan astrology or if you have… there is more for you there.

He has two sides to him. He is a very deep and intelligent soul, as well as a trickster kid~  full of joy and laughter! He has a very strong shamanic energy and he wants me to tell you that his power animal is the jaguar. The hybrid race that he his most closely associated with is the Shalinaya.

His message for you: “Live in the fun! Play! Jump! Be curious. Venture with me! I love you momma. Pay attention to the time-keeper (Mayan Calendar Energy/Philosophy) and meet me out of time in the spirals until we meet again.”

There is also a little girl around. She is shy and sweet. She didn’t come through in the picture because this connection between you and Poncho is of primary importance.