By: Laura Geiger

In my Akashic Record clearing work, I make requests on behalf of my clients, long prayers covering all the blocks and restrictions keeping them from their highest path and purpose. In one section, I say the words, “Remove all perception of limitation and judgment arising from the collective consciousness. Assign a teacher of the highest possible Divine order to assist in unplugging from collective consciousness and transitioning into a paradigm that reflects Divine Love, Light, Truth, and Wisdom.”

It’s a beautiful prayer, and many times I get choked up at that part. Today, especially, as I was considering what exactly to say in this post and picturing the faces of the skeptics among my friends and family. I choose, however, to plow forward into what I know to be true, what I have discovered to be very real. In doing so, I honor hybrid children and hybrid parents everywhere.

All big jumps in spiritual development and evolution come in perfect timing, and this one certainly did for me. I wouldn’t have been ready for the realization that I am a volunteer in the abduction/detainment program, and now the information, the remembering, comes at a time when I can not only accept it but use it to help usher in the new energy and influence of our star brothers and sisters.For me, it started with dreams. They were the typical ship and experiment dreams, and the details were extraordinary, especially what the “doctor” told me about my body. I had no fear, only curiosity, and when I awoke, I was convinced they were real.

Months later, I found this website and though I had never heard the words “hybrid children” before, I burst into tears and knew in an instant that I belonged among the company of these people. I consulted my own Akashic Record, and a story began to emerge of how many times I had been on board a ship, in what exactly I had participated, and how many children I should expect to meet.  A new energy began to visit me. Her presence was very palpable, so much so that at one point, I asked her to pull back a bit. She told me to call her Willow and became available to me whenever I wanted to connect. She likes to show me she is present by blowing and spinning items around the house. I asked Bridget to channel two paintings for me, and I could tell how eager Willow was for me to “see” her. I was delighted by the results and by my little surprise son, Noah, who came through as well. I look forward to growing my relationship with my hybrid children and preparing a place for all of them in our lives. 

To know that I volunteered and succeeded in assisting humanity in such a way has brought a beautiful surge of self-love. When I was a little girl, I knew at a very deep level that I was here to be a mother and to change the world. As it turns out, all this time, I was doing just that.  

Laura Geiger