Channeled by Bridget Nielsen

DAD!!! Call me REP! 🙂 Rep the Ref.

Green colored huddle with handsWe hybrids are being trained to play with Earth. Well, some are doing other things, but the first-contact crew that I am a part of is amped to merge with hUmans!! For some reason you guys think your world is bland or something? The expressions of your planet are fascinating!! Zzzzzing!!!! There is so much to explore it makes me zingy! This transformation and merging with us is about working with what you already are! Earth is awesome! You are awesome!!!

My PASSION is adapting your competitive sports games into collaboration games. You thought I’d be creating a new star. Nope! I am learning to play like humans do, well, in a way that fits me!

Michael jordan flying to the hoopMy biggest fascination is in the psychology and physiological shift of what you call “the will to win.” THAT is the state that we physically exist in all the time, where everything is possible and the pure channeling of Source happens through our skinny bodies!

It seems challenging for humans to push past the physical limitation barrier. I notice experiencing through you, and observing your world, that you are awakening beyond what you see, hear, and feel, by your expanding extra-senses, but humans seem to limit the physical form most of all.

Cute little girl with her arms spread

I see that it isn’t until humans’ falsified reserves are tapped, that your true state of endless energy comes through— when humans’ peak potential is boundless, and beams from Source energy.

My revelation is that GAMES are the answer for you/humanity. Your games are competitive, based on fear and survival. It isn’t until you run out of steam in that direction, that a part of you realizes there is nothing left, thus enabling transcended access to endless energy. When games are played from a place of JOY, where BEing in the MOMENT is all there is, the state of infinite physical reserve is accessible.  The moment is a place where beings are constantly anew and thus regenerated.

I am now reffing humanity’s old fight of lower chakras, acted out in your traditional sports games, to playing from the upper chakras. Your “will to win” seems to be the flipping point that is available in your reality. It is my passion to ref the players in various games, reminding them that FUN is infinite fuel!

How how how???? Will you help me understand how to do this, Dad? Will you be my Olympian for quasi-physical experimentation? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh oh… So! My favorite adaptive sports, that I ref and am honing with the fellow freelancers when we play on Shakani, are DiamOnd Baseball and the Mayan HOOP!  They are our favorite games to play and I want to ready them for you, for humanity!

One moment = One Rep = One PLAY!

Dad, I love you. Let’s play ball!!


The games as he explained them to me 🙂

Picture of a glowing green diamond shapeDiamOnd Baseball:  This game follows the basic format of American baseball. In his version there is only one team. The ball used is an energy ball. As the pitcher throws their amplified chi (the energy ball), the batter hits the ball with their hand, adding their chi. The bigger the chi ball, the farther the ball travels outside the diamond.  There are two goals to this game. The first goal is to build an energy chi diamond that is created throughout the natural process of the game. This diamond is a crystalline template left in place after the game, as a piece of artwork of the energy bubble created from the grouping. The second goal is to create as big an energy ball as possible, sending it outside the diamond to others, spreading the excitement and bubble of fun experienced by the group.

Stone hoop from myan hoop gameMaYan HOOp:  This game is based on the MesoAmerican– Mayan Ball Game. In that game, the goal was to pass the ball through one of the rings, without using your hands.  The losing leader was killed in that game. In Rep’s game, the hoop is the “eye of the needle,” a portal to another dimension. As the players, all on the same team, pass an energy ball to each other, they build on it with their collective excited energy.  The goal of the game is to put the ball through the hoop, once the ball is hyper-refined with pure collective intent. The intent is co-created by all players at the beginning of the game. Sometimes there are up to 3 hoops if they, as a group, would like to pass through many dimensions in one game. Paying homage to the original game, death is honored energetically.  As the collective players pass the ball through the hoop gateway, it represents the death of all participants because of the grand shift experienced by literally going through the hoop portal and coming out reborn, anew.


Darling baby monkey hanging from a treeOne of the things you do on the ship is play with the little kids in the “nursery.” They LOVE you and the message from them is “Hanging Monkeys.” They recommend you play the game to awaken memories and the energy stream to your super playful connection with them!colorful headed baby monkey

I also sense a hybrid brother and sister that you are very close with. The 3 of you are very close and they would like to connect with you more. They will be connecting with you. Just be open 🙂 Hybrid siblings are technically the hybrid children of your parents. They have your parents’ genetic and/or energetic signature, so they are your brothers and sisters. It is quite common for younger Indigo and Crystal humans to be connected to their hybrid siblings, because there is less of a separation from their energy and their hybrid kin. Check out my video about Geo, my hybrid sister: