I was aware of my extra-sensorial abilities early in 2006 when I started to feel a sense of comfort after trance meditation while noticing the presence of some small beings next to me.  At first I thought that there were divine companions with me. I didn’t know exactly what they were so I called them my angels.  In 2010 I started to do lots of regression and hypnosis sessions with clients from different backgrounds. An interesting event took place during one of those sessions.

In one of my sessions my client told me that she saw me with a child who looked a lot like me.  The child she saw looked like he could have been my twin brother except that he had pointed ears and sort of wings. She mentioned during trance state that I have a twin brother who is not from this world and that he and I were her children in a different dimension. I was amazed by this because this confirmed my feeling about my Starseed origins. The session, dated 2011, triggered many profound past lives memories of me living in a different galaxy and also of my children. I almost have non-human memories.

After that session I had some visions during trance state of my hybrid children, I didn’t know they were my children but I keep seeing myself holding a baby boy named Hans and also talking to a girl with pointed ears like a person from the Elven race named Hannah. I feel I have two more hybrid children but their faces are not visually clear to me. I can see with my mind’s eye the face of the girl, she usually stares at me without saying anything and the boy is usually shown to me as a newborn.

After stumbled upon Bridget’s videos I started to put many things together and it is clear that I am one parent as well. I feel that I am a hybrid or part of this hybridization program and I spoke about it in one of my old videos about indigo children. It rings so many bells! I don’t need to overanalyze my experiences; I just surrender to the universe and trust this information. I am willing to know more about this. I actually had a hypnosis session done to me by a beloved friend who took me to a life-between-lives in another galaxy. During this regression session my voice changed a lot.

I am grateful for those sessions and divine encounters with beautiful souls like my clients and people like you, Bridget.

I am researching deeper about this subject and the best way to know more is to compare our experiences with like-minded people. I see many people coming together with similar experiences and this opens a doorway to new possibilities.

I am willing to welcome my children to this dimension when the time is right. The frequency that I feel coming from them is mostly Sirius or Alpha Centauri.