My Unseen Daughter

Nine years ago, when I was pregnant, I sensed I was carrying twins.  I always would tell people, I know I have twins.  The doctor never validated my opinion.

The pregnancy was very difficult.  I started laboring at four and half months.  I was on bed rest.  My body kept starting and stopping labor.  It was a very painful pregnancy, in fact the worst pain of my life.  If it wasn’t for my 5 year old daughter, I would have taken my life.

October 4, 2002 my son was born.  I found a doctor who would induce me.  He was over two weeks early.  My son came out over 8 pounds.

Fast forward to 2009. I  never knew about Star Friends, or had any interest in Star Beings.  One day my son came in the house, and told me about the space craft that was outside.  I was shocked.  Our household never used the word “space craft”.

2010, I saw my son’s face morph into a star friend.  It was the most loving and joyful experience that happened in a nanosecond.  The next day, I accidentally was directed to Cynthia Crawford’s website.  The face I had seen the day before was on her website.  The face was the same face as her ET sculpture of a Grey Zeta.

2011 my son and I had a private one-on-one with Bashar.  The first thing he starts talking to us about is our connection to the Grey Zetas.  We have parallel lives with that community.  We had already figured it out, but it felt like great confirmation to get a stranger to share it.  One of the things we are doing is helping to remove the prejudices.  There are many negative judgments against the Grey Zetas; our family helps hold space of unconditional love for all the star nations.

End of 2011, I had a dream.  My daughter came to me.  She told me she is my son’s twin sister.  She was pure love.  She had blonde curly hair.  She was so innocent and had some type of learning disability (what 3D considers a learning disability).  She giggled and told me her name is Hanna.  Her friends call her Hanna Banana.  She told me she cannot spell her name.  It doesn’t matter that she can’t spell, where she is at.  There is no judgment.  She was completely confident and had a strong knowing of her worth.  In my dream, she was going to be able to come back to us, and get to live with us.  It was such a wonderful, happy dream!!

Today, my thoughts are strongly with my daughter.  I feel her.  I sense her.  I have not yet gotten to hug and hold her in our 3D reality, yet I know her in my heart and consciousness.

This is for you ~ Hanna Banana!!  I am so proud of you baby girl!!

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