Channeled by Bridget Nielsen, human father of Phin and many more…

Meet Saharo (French prefix for Sahara). He’s a tracker and can pinpoint significant moments that have been forgotten.  He creates a holographic mirage, when working within an empty mind, projecting your “real” memory. He acquired this skill from the Greys but instead of creating false memories, he instills the most accurate experiences associated with the timeline you’re most vibrationally aligned with in that moment. He works multi-dimensionally, with non-linearity being the key to his genius.0-0-0

This little guy would like to walk you through your memories aboard spacecraft and your important part in the hybridization program. He’s your guide. He’s one of your physical descendants ~ 7th generation Shakani (Sassani). He’s 6 years old.

He’s going to take you through the layers of your consciousness by going into the fractured gateways in the following meditations.

MirrorsMeditation 2: Place two mirrors facing each other so it becomes a long hallway of reflection… Sit gazing into the reflection in a comfortable position and begin to immerse your energy into the first layer of the reflection in the mirror… Let your eyes move to the next “room” or the next layer you see in the reflection. Continue to do this slowly and peacefully as you move from dimension to dimension… feel yourself getting more excited and more energy the farther you get down the tunnel of reflection.  Finally, when you reach the end of this tunnel, gaze into this hallway of rooms and visit with whoever appears to greet you ~ whether they’re physically reflected or energetically sitting by your side.

Note to the Father: Saharo shares your physical DNA. I inquired further and you’ve shifted timelines. When we did the first drawing you were on a timeline where you were only an energetic contributor. Since then, due to your openness and energy, you’re now on a timeline where you played an even greater role in the hybridization program. So amazing 🙂 I can sense a lot more kids with you now!