Channeled by: Bridget Nielsen

“ALL ABOARD… Last call for the hybrid train!” shouted the 12-year-old captain! “Pick your vehicle of choice. Be a kid on your bike or fly with us on the spaceship.  The timing is now, the whistle has blown.  Jump, shift, move or fly with us to a harmonious Earth.” 

“My expertise is teleportation!  I have a knack (that’s how you say it, right?) for keying into the locational variable to shift me to that time-space.  I can instantaneously go wherever I’d like within the constraints of our agreement with Earth. I can only peer into your reality from a distance and I’m not authorized to go into your past so I’m looking forward to have full rein on bopping around and exploring our planet together!

I enjoy utilizing spacecraft. I know that it is me and it is conscious so it’s very easy to flow with it due to the flexible energetic materials the Shalinaya make them with.  I’m more interested in shifting my physical self through teleportation and eventually assisting you in shifting to any place you dream of!

Hybrid child dressed like uncle sam

I’m really interested in human transportation and the idea of the journey. I can instantly shift wherever I’d like to be so the process of using devices, that are seemingly separate from me, to move through realities is really funny and interesting! I like bicycles, trains, boats, planes, roller coasters, ferris wheels, Tuk tuks, scooters and cars are okay. I want to play with these things and run them like a spaceship with my consciousness.  I’m really excited to experience these modes of moving through space and time while maintaining continuity! 

I love bugs. Bugs are my friends. I love the network grid of energy they create buzzing together as a unified collective.  I’m excited to someday see humanity be in the flow together as one! 

I am twelve. I am happy.  I’m excited to meet you!! Please work with me in your dreams and I’ll teach you to appear in the reality where I live with you on Earth. We can play together right now… for all is now!”
I love you,



He is super playful and dressed up like an old railroad captain.  He insisted I draw the fake beard. He’s using his name to play off of “Uncle Sam”~ the personification of the American Government.  The idea that he’s conveying is that by buying into the energy of the hybrid children, we’ll be transported to a new truly empowered collective with them. Our world will be as powerful for the positive as our current system is for the negative.  They want us to focus on them as the leaders and not fall under the illusion of current affairs. As Bashar says, “There will be no “Big Brother” (government, secrecy, etc.) in the reality where the hybrid children land.”  

The phrase and symbology of “Uncle Sam” was also used during war-time recruiting so Sam is a hybrid recruiter for the new world, the 5th dimensional version of Uncle Sam.  Above is his advertisement for peace!