Channeled by his human mother: Alessandra Gilioli ~ Antarian- Arcturian Light Frequency Artist


I am from the tribe of Samuele. I am part Zeta Reticuli, Arcturian and Human. I am a future you, yet not so distant future. I come in peace, love, harmony and lots of light. My brother and sisters are light beings like me, like you. You, humanity, have no idea how much light you are.  I am a child but I am wiser than most of you. It is a bit easier to be so, on the other side of the veil of illusions. You need to go to school to learn how to use your powers. I do too. I can make crystals out of my palms in thin air! It’s a galactic trick. Everyone knows how to do it. I can show you if you want! Call on me in your dreamtime if it is ok with your guides. Call on me, Samuele, if you want. My galactic frequency signature has no sound for your ears to grasp. Haha. You will enjoy your multidimensionality when you step into your galactic self! Now go to sleep and dream of translucent crystalline white prisms- they will activate you- awaken your starseed heritage- and then come play with me! With us! The tribe of Samuele is being trained to be the greeters of humanity into re-awakening to your galactic heritage! We are preparing a great awakening party for you! Place a white-light diamond sphere on your forehead/3rd eye, think of me, look into my eyes and you shall see! (wink).

Samuele of the Tribe of Awakeneers (We like to make it rhyme with ‘engineers’. We like that!)

P.S. I love playing! But I love studying too! The world is fascinating! The Arcturian part of me wants to know everything! The Zeta in me wishes to absorb all and internalize, but the human in me is what is strongest and I wish to share that! Socialize! I like to party! Like they do in your movies. Jumping on things! I like to move, and be funny. I can’t stop talking. But we don’t have to talk to other children- we use telepathy and then we giggle.

I’m a portal jumper. Some of us hybrids will look very different to you. You are being gifted by imprints in order to better deal with this from our Elders, Masters of Light to your Higher Selves.

*Alessandra, the artist-channel here, I was led to look up  “Samuele” and discovered that he was a prophet from the Hebrew bible. Samuel was born of a sterile mother- Anna- who became pregnant without the involvement of a human….definitely a hybrid! How clever of our Zeta-Arcturian hybrid to pull that out of our civilization’s history!

Samuele’s presence was funny because he was wise, but at the same time he was very young and child-like. He seemed to have the exuberance of a confident child who is very much settled and happy with where he is. If his tone sounded a bit show-offy it probably was only because he was excited to talk with humans who he feels he knows more than!


ANKANTARA: the swirl with five dots around it (to my top left) helps one assimilate Fifth Dimensional energy which is what you humans would want so you can be more telepathic and feel the love that unifies us all and play more high energy games like creating crystals.

LEE-MU: The kite-like diamond outline helps you process information, especially emotional regulation. Regulates your pineal gland, the gland at the center of your brain that process higher dimensional light and telempathic info. Activating and using this symbol helps you get into better alignment with the galactic center and ultimately gives you more peace about your daily business. Or school.

NUMSARA: The kite image on its side (to my top right) equalizes energies causing equilibrium. It grounds you while allowing you to expand and claim your space in the world. I am good at that!